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  • Benefits of Access Control for Commercial Properties

    Posted on June 5th, 2021 0 Comments

    Access control provides integral benefits for commercial properties of all types, centralizing both manual and automatic functions of user entry, time-based security protocols, and distanced surveillance. The expert access control hardware installation technicians here at Chicago Locksmiths are skilled at the rapid, custom-tailored installation of a wide range of access control systems at commercial properties of all types throughout Chicago. In this blog entry, we will describe the basics of the benefits that access control systems offer contemporary office security frameworks.

    Why is Access Control Important

    Access control is a system that can help your locks discern who's entering a specific location at your property. Normal deadbolt locks, being simply mechanical devices, cannot do this. Access control systems help prevent security breaches within your commercial property. Not all of your employees, even, should be able to access all areas of your property without the proper credentials and clearance! Access control systems protect from situations in which doors are accidentally left unlocked, keys are copied without permission, or employees - or guests - attempt to steal from you. With access control systems in place, you can totally prevent access in particular rooms, grant temporary access to specific people, and even audit entrance history.

    Definition of Access Credentials

    Credentials are the information that you provide the access control system to get access to a particular door. When your access control system is being installed, you can control the credential type based on your preferences and needs. You can choose from a range of options including keycards, key fobs, PIN codes, and even biometric credentials like fingerprints or codes stored on your cell phone.

    Access Code Functionality

    The three main functions of access control are scheduling, grouping, and auditing. Scheduling is deciding the times certain people can access certain areas. You can make sure maintenance workers or custodians can access your property when they are supposed to, or grant a department access to their offices at particular times of day. Grouping involves granting permissions to collections of individuals, rather than one individual at a time. You can sort and organize groups based on your needs - which is a fantastic solution for keeping your company security organized. Auditing allows you to fully track who opens certain doors and when. When the door opens, it will create a timestamp record with the user’s credentials. You can view and even print auditing reports to make sure you have full access to the access control records whenever you need it. Remember, all these access control features can be fully customized to your needs. 

    Forms of Access Control Systems

    The two main choices to make when deciding an access control system is choosing between integrated and standalone systems, and a cloud or non-cloud based system. Integrated systems are total access control systems with auditing ability as well as the ability to be paired with CCTV camera systems or alarm systems. Integrated access control systems are ideal for those who like all aspects of their access control systems to be housed in a single place. Standalone access control systems are ideal for people who want the benefits of PIN or badged based access, but don’t need auditing or scheduling capabilities. These systems are known as stand alone as they aren’t managed with software. They are also much cheaper! The main difference between cloud based and non-cloud based systems is that cloud-based systems let you manage your permissions and account from anywhere in the world, and automatically back up all your data in the cloud. It allows you to lock and unlock doors remotely when needed, and even provide temporary, time-sensitive access codes. Non-cloud systems are different based on the model - some need to be loaded on a computer, while some others work with web portals. The drawback of non-cloud systems is that your data will be lost in the event of a crashing computer, which is why we advise people to generally opt for cloud-based access control systems.

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