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  • Lock Rekeying for Residential Property Management

    Posted on July 3rd, 2020 0 Comments

    Maintaining a secure selection of locks at your residential property - or even residential management complex - is an absolute must for safety and security. Rekeying locks periodically is one of the best ways to enforce and ensure that your property is secure. In this blog post, the residential security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail some of the most important aspects of lock rekeying that managers or landlords of residential property should focus on to maintain safety and security.

    Pool Gate Locks

    Pool gates must be secured in order to protect children and animals in your building complex - especially when pools are not in use. Pool locks will gradually wear down so the gate won’t close properly. Pool gates must also always be closed even when the pool is being used. We recommend re-keying your pool gate locks for safety.


    Individual Apartment Locks

    Apartment locks need to be rekeyed when tenants switch over. This even applies to situations in which former tenants returned their apartment keys, as they may have made copies that they gave out to friends or family - and those key copies could fall into the wrong hands.


    Storage Closet Locks

    Storage closets can be accessed by any staff members, maintenance workers, or delivery people. Another risk is former employees accessing storage closets, especially when disgruntled. We recommend rekeying storage closet locks after employee turnover - it’s affordable, and helps keep your property secure.


    Office Locks

    We recommend periodically rekeying office locks - especially those within larger apartment buildings. By rekeying your basic lock mechanism, you ensure that your business records and property will stay secure. We additionally recommend investing in quality access control systems that marry key cards or digital keypads with high security deadbolts in order to ensure that your property is as strongly protected as possible - and Chicago Locksmiths can easily provide you this full infrastructure for a fair and competitive rate.

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