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  • Securing Rental Properties

    Posted on September 7th, 2021 0 Comments

    Landlords, real estate agents, and other agents that maintain residential or commercial residential properties all have unique sets of concerns when it comes to maintaining security. In this blog entry, the expert high security lock and security hardware installation team here at Chicago Locksmith will detail some tactics that can be utilized in order to keep your rental property secure.

    Securing Entrances

    We recommend securing all entrance doors with a high security double cylinder deadbolt - especially in doors that have windows nearby, as the double cylinder deadbolt can prevent the door from being opened if a thief reaches their hands in. We also recommend installing solid wood or metal doors on all entrances - hollow wood doors or doors with windows are especially vulnerable. Solid doors are the best choice for property protection. We additionally advise you to recommend to your tenants to use door jammers for an extra layer of security - and, of course, rekey your locks after a tenant is evicted.


    Property Managers

    Property managers help assist with not only ensuring the security of your property, but in handling any security matters as they pop up. If you live far from your property or are otherwise busy, hiring a property manager on-site can help ensure that security issues can be noticed and handled as soon as possible - as well as functioning as a sort of deterrent to any potential burglars considering ransacking a unit on your property. Property managers can screen out potential tenants, and function as an on-site security system that can notice any strange goings-on that might slip through a CCTV or alarm based system.


    Window Security

    While most windows are fitted with locks that prevent them from being able to be opened from outside, it's usually pretty easy for burglars to break a window to unlock it and then climb through it. Mitigate this risk by installing visible locks on your windows - which will in turn deter burglars from even attempting to enter your property through windows. Additionally, install window sensors that will set off an alarm when windows are messed with from outside.


    Security Systems

    Security systems come in all sizes, scales, and prices - so you can be sure to find one that fits the needs of your property while fitting into your budget. We recommend an all-in-one security system with centralized or mobiel control options that boast features like door / window sensors, motion sensor lights, alarms, smoke alarms, and even CCTV cameras.


    Outdoor Lighting

    We highly recommend installation of motion sensor external lighting to deter burglars from entering your property at night. This lighting should be placed at all main entrances of your property. You wont need more than a few of these, as they have strong sensors that can detect motion from even 20 feet away! Most of these lights are solar powered, making them fantastically energy efficient and economically efficient! 

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