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Locksmith Service Price List

Average Cost for Hiring 24/7
Chicago Locksmith LLC
Service Call Day $45
After 8Pm $60
Typical Range $125-235
Low End $75
High End $355

Note that specialty jobs and special
locks, could be higher than the
average price mentioned
in this price guide.

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Continuous Hinges Installation

Continuous Hinge Installation in Chicago

100% Guaranteed Does your business or residential complex have a door that has issues with closing, snagging, detaching, or rubbing against it’s frame? These common issues are disruptive towards operations - but luckily, can easily be remedied by outfitting your door with continuous hinges. The expert locksmith technicians at Chicago Locksmith can seamlessly install continuous hinges on your doors - a simple and cost effective method of lengthening the longevity of your door and doorframe, ensuring that they will perfectly operate for many years to come - and improving the ease of entering or exiting your establishment.

See below our video on continuous hinge installation

Continuous Hinge Benefits

Continuous hinges run against a door’s full length, allowing the weight of the door to be evenly distributed over the entire hinge, reducing wear and tear - and, in turn, extending the lifespan of your door and doorframe.

Continuous hinges offer major benefits to doors that experience heavy use - like those in building lobbies. Our team seamlessly installs continuous hinges on doors, first removing existing hardware from the door, taking the door of it’s frame, and detaching its existing hinges. Then, a continuous door hinge will be measured and mounted directly to the door - and the door will be carefully placed back in it’s frame, attached, and tested. If you are looking to improve the operation of your heavily used doors, Chicago Locksmith’s excellent continuous hinge door installation service offers instant and convenient solutions - with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency, and all for a fair and competitive, budget-friendly rate.

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