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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Intercom Installation

    Posted on December 21st, 2012 0 Comments

    Although telephone technologies existed before the 20th century, intercoms revolutionized these technologies. There were intercommunication telephone systems in the early 1900’s that permitted two people to speak to each other without interference. Since then, intercoms have changed into multi-way and multi-post communication systems. From the 1950’s to the present, intercom systems have been used as a method of access control. Entry intercom systems enhance the security of homes and commercial properties from the entrance point. Visitors have to verbally identify themselves through the intercom at the door to be granted access inside. However, video intercoms were proven more effective because occupants can view and speak to visitors before granting them entry. At first, video intercoms were exclusive to large corporations, but now they are widely used.

    Intercom and Today’s Technology

    In the past, the installation of intercom systems required a lot of heavy wiring and expensive upkeep. Today, there is no constant maintenance needed after your intercom system has been set up. In addition, there are wireless intercom systems available now that make installation much easier. Also, intercom systems can be integrated with security systems and other systems. For example, a home intercom and security system can be joined with your telephone line. When someone is at your door, it will alert you with a phone call. If you happen to be away from home, you can receive a call to your cell phone if someone rings your bell. The home intercom system can also be integrated with your sound system to play music throughout rooms.

    Uses for Intercom

    Intercom systems are used for convenience and safety purposes. Entry intercom systems or door phone intercoms allow occupants to identify their visitors before allowing them inside. Video intercoms serve the function except with visual identification. These intercom systems are an effective access control method for residences and commercial buildings. An intercom can also be used as a baby monitor. One unit would be placed in the baby’s room and the other unit would remain with the parents in their room. Moreover, intercom systems are commonly used to broadcast messages through speakers in rooms of large facilities such as schools.

    Types of Intercoms

    Telephone Intercoms: These intercom systems are usually used in offices as a way of communicating between staff. Private conversations between individuals are permitted on the separate channels of the telephone intercom. Also, users can send paging signals to other users to indicate that they want to have a conversation by simply pressing a button.

    Door phone or Door Bell Intercoms: Permits you to speak to your guests before giving them access to enter. Door phone or doorbell intercoms allow back and forth communication between occupants and their visitors with the push of a call button.

     Video Intercoms: Also permits indoor and outdoor communication with the additional feature of video surveillance. It allows you to visually identify your visitors and communicate with them. Video intercoms have one way viewing, so only the person inside can view the person outside.

    Apartment, Home and Buildings Intercoms

    Door phone or doorbell intercoms are found outside of most homes, apartment buildings and other buildings. This form of access control provides tenants with security and convenience. Occupants can identify visitors before allowing them inside of their home. Also, they do not have to physically answer the door every time a guest comes over. Businesses often use video intercoms to view the activity outside of their facility. Authorized personnel can positively identify visitors with the video surveillance.

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