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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • Summer Tips from Chicago Locksmith

    Posted on June 23rd, 2017 0 Comments

    Now that Summer is truly over us in all of it’s glory, it can be really easy to forget to adhere to your usual schedules or home security protocols. Follow this brief guide from Chicago Locksmiths to ensure that your home stays protected during these balmy and warm months.


    Never forget to lock doors and windows

    Summer tourism and travel usually brings many more visitors to Chicago, even it’s surrounding suburbs. The most basic and important line of defense against burglary and theft is to ensure that your doors and windows are locked, including your vehicle doors. Thieves often target unlocked cars, hoping that they can find a spare key inside it. If you’re concerned about your lock security, give Chicago Locksmiths a call, and we can send out an expert technician to give you a home security assessment in full, on the spot.



    The more time you’re away from home, the more time it’s standing unattended and unwatched. And security aside, nobody ever wants to be stuck in traffic, especially during the traffic surges of Summer. In order to avoid getting stuck in Summer Traffic, Chicago Locksmith recommends leaving earlier to work to beat the heavy traffic, and leaving work early, or staying a bit later in order to avoid the rush hour smash.


    Lanyard Key Holders

    Since millions of tourists will visit Chicago this Summer, if you somehow drop your keys while you’re traveling somewhere, your chances of getting them back are virtually zero. Our experts suggest keeping your keys attached to a lanyard that you can wear around your neck, or on a clip that you can clip to your belt loops or inside a bag in order to minimize the chances of key loss. If you do happen to lose your keys, Chicago Locksmiths has expert locksmiths on call to come directly to your location to help you out with on the spot, emergency unlocking service.

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