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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Eviction Locksmith in Chicago

    Posted on March 4th, 2013 0 Comments

    At we like to introduce our 24 eviction locksmith service to all landlords and building owner in the Chicago area.  If your renter doesn’t pay the rent and is not ready to leave your house and is threatening you, Chicago locksmith can help you with all your eviction procedure and can help you to change the locks or re-key them so your tenant can never enter the house again. Laws have to be strictly followed in such situations and we help you to determine if eviction locksmith service is your best option or not.
    The fact is that there are many tenants that don’t pay rents and then the renters have to actually take a legal action in order to protect their property. When courteous conversations with your tenant become impractical, at that point eviction is the only way to take control of the situation.
    4 Reasons to evict a tenant:
    1. Violation of lease or an agreement document is the major cause for eviction. For example if the apartment has a non-smoking policy and you find out that the tenant is smoking then the landlord should start the eviction process.
    2. If tenant is lazy and doesn’t want to pay your rent and keep making excuses then these are the type of people often evicted. Though if your tenant is late on the payment then you can create a notice of action. Give them a copy and keep one for yourself. This way you can show the court that previously you had given them a notice and had warned them about the situation.
    3. Regular wear and tear are fine but if there are serious damages like a wall completely demolished or broken bathroom then these are the bases for tenant eviction.
    4. You can evict a tenant is he or she is using it for illegal purposes like converting the apartment into a club or selling drugs and these are some serious conditions to file an eviction.
    Chicago Locksmith are skilled experts are knowledgeable with eviction processes. We follow and regard the significance of being on time and reliable. To guarantee a fast and easy eviction course of action, our specialists are trained to be at the area in as soon as possible.
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