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Category : Electronic Locks

  • The Effect of Door Hardware on Curb Appeal

    Posted on May 17th, 2020 0 Comments

    According to a research study conducted at Princeton University, it takes only 1/10th of a minute for people to set impressions of other people; and this same fact applies to how your home, and it’s curb appeal, is judged by strangers. Lock hardware can actually make a big impression on the curb appeal of your property – and, of course, the myriad of factors that curb appeal in turn effects. In this blog entry, the lock and door hardware installation experts here at Chicago Locksmith will detail the way that lock hardware has a strong effect on curb appeal.


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  • Benefits of Keypad Locks / Keyless Entry

    Posted on November 29th, 2019 0 Comments

     If you’re thinking of replacing your traditional door locks and keys, a keypad door lock is an excellent option for you. After years of being used by commercial locations, keypad door locks are being used in more and more residential homes – and have become a fast favorite due to all their convenient benefits. Here’s a brief guide to some of the great benefits of using keyless entry locks at your property, as prepared by the experts here at Chicago Locksmiths!


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  • Specialty Utility Locks

    Posted on September 28th, 2019 0 Comments

    Utility locks are basically auxiliary locks, and can be pin tumbler, tubular, disk tumbler, wafer tumbler, electromechanical, and magnetic locks. They usually are made of a smaller cylinder lock that can be implemented in many different kinds of functions or considerations. Here’s a guide to all the different types of Specialty Utility Locks, as prepared by the experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.


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  • 5 Best Electronic Door Locks

    Posted on March 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    Now that huge advancements have been made in residential and commercial locksmith based security, there’s a huge variety of electronic door locks available on the market. This wide variety of locks come in an equally large variety of makes, models, sizes, and boast a huge amount of different features. In this brief blog post, the home security experts at Chicago Locksmiths will help you determine what the best electronic door locks for your home or business are.


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  • Electronic Locks

    Posted on September 23rd, 2017 0 Comments

    Electronic Locks

    Electronic locks add a great deal of safety and security to private property. All the very best safe makers these days create specialty electronic lock systems. Of course, different technology has different pros and cons – so the balance of what mechanical lock and what electronic lock you use dictates the true levels of security in your property. Here’s a brief guide to electronic locks, as prepared by the experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.


    Electronic Lock Definition

    Electronic locks get unlocked or resealed through electric current that either powers an electromagnet, a solenoid, or a motor, which in turn activate the lock in either fail-safe or fail-secure ways.


    Fail Safe Locks

    Fail Safe locks open on the sides of the ingress if there is a power outage, or if an emergency alarm is activated. This happens because the electric current is used to keep the door lock, and by taking out the power you will disengage the lock technology.


    Advantages of Fail Safe Locks

    • Protects workers during emergencies
    • Allows large buildings with high traffic like schools or museums to maintain efficient and safe exits


    Disadvantages of Fail Safe Locks

    • If power is fully lost the building will no longer be secure.
    • Pulling the emergency alarm will unlock all emergency exits.
    • Will make buildings somewhat susceptible to crime during real or fake emergencies


    Fail Secure Locks

    These locks are the opposite of failsafe locks, and they use the electric current to retract the bolt. If there is a power outage, the bolt will remain locked.

    Advantages of Fail Secure Locks

    • Protects property during the time of emergency.
    • An electromagnetic pulse or power failure won’t disengage the locks.


    Disadvantages of Fail Secure Locks

    • This isn’t ideal in large buildings that have lots of traffic because it can slow the entry of emergency responders.
    • Evacuation can be blocked if door locks are fail secure.


    Not all devices are found in both fails secure and failsafe varieties. The majority of the time the way that the lock functions determines if loss of electricity would open or lock the door or other entranceway. Other types of electronic locks are:


    Electric Strikes

    These strikes consist of a spring loaded keeper that moves the lock’s bolt. Only when given the right cde will the keeper move allowing the bolt to retract. It’s installed on the side of the door frame or on the inactive door in double door situations.


    Electric Latch Retraction

    These fail secure locks have bolt functions that retract when electricity is provided, and it will stay retracted unless the current stops or is turned off. The bolt stays securely in place when there’s no current, so preparations have to be made for potential emergencies. However, they can be programmed to be opened by fire alarms.


    Electromechanical Locks

    These locks are available as fail secure or fail safe and consist of a gear and latch system that can be manipulated with lock cylinders and/or electricity. The fail safe versions of these locks have the bolt extended with electric currents. If there is a power outage the door will stay unlocked. The fail secure version of these locks use electricity to retract the bolt where it will stay locked until power is restored.


    Electromagnetic Locks

    These common magnetic locks cannot be fail secure, meaning if there is a blackout they will unlock. They were actually originally manufactured for this purpose, to unlock in the event of power loss or when a fire alarm is pulled. When power is restored, the current will allow the door to magnetically bind itself to the metallic door frame with varying strength depending on how the magnetic coil is wound, and how much electricity is being deployed.

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  • Controlling Locks with smart phones

    Posted on November 18th, 2016 0 Comments


    Advancements in Wireless Door Locks

    Today, in 2016, we have a high level of advanced technology that can help make your life more organized and simple, while also increasing the level of security in your home. Your house, apartment, or commercial location are also susceptible to the technology upgrades that vehicular locks receive. Many lock manufacturers offer locks that you can remotely control from your smart phone or internet ready device. Every manufacturer maintains separate mechanisms for remote operation, and many don’t even require you to replace the door lock that you’re currently working with. If you install a remote control deadbolt, you can unlock your home so somebody can check on it when you’re away from home, or even let somebody who forgot their keys inside your home from a distance. These wireless locks can help one save cash if they often find themselves calling locksmiths due to lost or misplaced keys.

    New Lock Technology

    One particular brand that makes wireless locks that can be installed without changing your current lock system is the Lockitron – which can be placed right over your current deadbolt, and operates with wifi and bluetooth capabilities. Simply unlock the lock, place the device on it, and use it’s included mobile application to help lock and unlock the lock. This is a fantastically convenient option for property owners looking to minimize the time they spend looking for keys or unlocking their doors.

    Another example of fantastic wireless lock technology is the Schlage Nexia, which allows users to wirelessly control deadbolts, as well as program up to nineteen separate security codes that you can use to unlock your door. You can give this code to separate members of your business and household, so that each can carry their own personal entry code. There’s also the possibility of programming specific codes that only work during certain parts of the day. This is a great option for business owners or homeowners who want to let workers in during the day, while they are at work; this way, people can enter your property when they are allowed to, and cannot when they are not.

    The increasing popularity of smart phone lock control, as it gains momentum, will help home and business owners by making their lives much more fast, practical, and efficient.

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