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Monthly Archives: November 2016

  • Controlling Locks with smart phones

    Posted on November 18th, 2016 0 Comments


    Advancements in Wireless Door Locks

    Today, in 2016, we have a high level of advanced technology that can help make your life more organized and simple, while also increasing the level of security in your home. Your house, apartment, or commercial location are also susceptible to the technology upgrades that vehicular locks receive. Many lock manufacturers offer locks that you can remotely control from your smart phone or internet ready device. Every manufacturer maintains separate mechanisms for remote operation, and many don’t even require you to replace the door lock that you’re currently working with. If you install a remote control deadbolt, you can unlock your home so somebody can check on it when you’re away from home, or even let somebody who forgot their keys inside your home from a distance. These wireless locks can help one save cash if they often find themselves calling locksmiths due to lost or misplaced keys.

    New Lock Technology

    One particular brand that makes wireless locks that can be installed without changing your current lock system is the Lockitron – which can be placed right over your current deadbolt, and operates with wifi and bluetooth capabilities. Simply unlock the lock, place the device on it, and use it’s included mobile application to help lock and unlock the lock. This is a fantastically convenient option for property owners looking to minimize the time they spend looking for keys or unlocking their doors.

    Another example of fantastic wireless lock technology is the Schlage Nexia, which allows users to wirelessly control deadbolts, as well as program up to nineteen separate security codes that you can use to unlock your door. You can give this code to separate members of your business and household, so that each can carry their own personal entry code. There’s also the possibility of programming specific codes that only work during certain parts of the day. This is a great option for business owners or homeowners who want to let workers in during the day, while they are at work; this way, people can enter your property when they are allowed to, and cannot when they are not.

    The increasing popularity of smart phone lock control, as it gains momentum, will help home and business owners by making their lives much more fast, practical, and efficient.

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  • Avoiding going crazy over lost car keys

    Posted on November 3rd, 2016 0 Comments


    With almost three million people, the population of Chicago is constantly swarming around. It comes as no new revelation, to us, that the majority of the calls we get are to help replace broken or misplaced car keys. The loss of car keys can be incredibly stressful, rife with worry and panic – but it doesn’t have to be this stressful. You always have the option of relying on the amazing service at Chicago Locksmith to help you when you’re in need – and there’s additional measures that you can take to help avoid going crazy when you lose or misplace your car keys.

    Get to know (us) your local locksmith

    If you get to know your local Chicago locksmith, you’ll never have to worry about searching for a locksmith when you’re in a rush to replace your car keys, or get let back into your vehicle. Chicago Locksmith offers expert emergency lockout service, and our emergency technicians are available on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis so that when or where ever you may need help, we’ll be able to save you.

    Make copies of keys

    One of the best possible methods of avoiding getting stranded by losing car keys is to proactively make copies of your car keys in advance. The car key experts at Chicago Locksmith can come directly to your location and craft you a duplicate key, as well as program it for you right at your location. They can even provide you a magnetic box that can attach to the bottom of your vehicle and attach your keys, so that you can always have a spare one handy if you ever need it.

    Chicago Car Key Replacement

    If you ever find yourself in dire need of car key replacements, there’s simply no reason to worry. Contact one of the mobile experts at Chicago Locksmith, and they can help you out- instantly coming to your location and providing any key cutting, copying, or programming you may need, all at a competitive price. We offer a massive range of car key replacement services, and can provide our customers with all types of keys – from standard ones, to transponders, remotes, and proximity fobs. Not only can we help out with lost car keys, we also offer a full range of emergency services for all residential and commercial locksmith needs. 

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