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  • Different Types of Safes

    Posted on May 21st, 2013 0 Comments

    You see all these claims about safes: fire safe, data safe, gun safe, but what does it mean?  What makes it different?  Which one do you choose?  Each safe has specific characteristics attributed to it making it compatible for different situations.  Consider you needs, then consider what each safe can provide. Fire-Proof Safes Fire-proof safes are, as the name would insinuate, meant to protect your valuables from fires.  They are also meant to protect them from high temperatures.  These safes are rated by the amount of time they can maintain a set internal temperature while withstanding an extreme external temperature.  The way fire-proof safes work is by releasing moisture contained in its insulation in order to keep temperatures below the set number.  Document safes and data safes fall under this category and are specifically targets to hold certain items.  The difference is the temperature they can stand.  Document safes maintain an internal temperature of no greater than 177°C to avoid the papers catching on fire.  Data safes go no higher than 55°C so that hard drives, CDs, USBs, etc won’t be damaged by the heat.  While the cheaper safes last for about half an hour, the more expensive and higher the grade, the longer it can withstand extreme heat. Burglary Safes Burglary safes are meant to hold up against burglars.  While no safe is burglary proof, there are some made to be more resistant.  These safes take another route to deter thieves.  The safeguards on these safes are meant to withstand attacks from the common tools used in burglary.  They are meant to discourage thieves from even trying to break in.  And even if they try, the amount of time and effort it takes will hopefully cause them to give up or to get caught.  The efficiency of a burglar safe is dependent on how long it takes to break into them.  The longer it takes, the more expensive the safe.  Some stand 15 minutes while others can hold up to 30 minutes. Gun Safes Like it suggests, gun safes are specifically meant to hold guns.  Though you can store other things in this safe, gun safes tend to be bigger so that they can hold rifles and larger types of rifles.  You can choose specific criteria for your gun safe.  Some are fire-proof and water-proof while others are might be burglary proof.  These safes have the option of being more decorative as it is possible to get them with a carved wood exterior so they resemble historical gun cabinets. Wall & Floor Safes The advantages of a wall or a floor safe is that they are hidden.  They can be fire-proof or burglary resistant or they can have the simplest form of security.  Their main defense is the fact that they are hidden from view.  Floor safes are installed into the ground and then covered.  If done right, you can walk over it without ever knowing it’s there.  Wall safes are often hidden behind paintings or pictures.  They can also be installed in closets and concealed by clothing.  It is another added security measure on top of the ones that come with your safe. Different safes cater to specific needs.  For example, jewelry safes are made with a jewelry box like interior including wooden drawers and fabric lining to hold your valuables.  Their security is no different, but they tailor to a particular situation.  It is important to know the advantages of each safe in order to find the right one for you.  Two of the most important features are fire-proofing and burglary resistance as these are the two situations most likely to arise.  Other traits to consider is whether the safe is resistant against water damage and microwaves.  Once you’ve picked the right safe, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be protected no matter what emergency arises. Buying and Installing a Safes in Chicago In Chicago, Il Chicago Locksmiths offer a wide range of safe and the great thing they also do safe installation in Chicago. Stop by our location.

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