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  • 20 Ways Locksmiths in Chicago Can Help Prevent Burglaries

    Posted on April 30th, 2014 0 Comments

    A locksmith is an ideal source of help and information when it comes to securing your home. Here are 20 ways an experienced locksmith can help you reduce the risk of burglary.

    1. Change your locks as soon you realize your key has been lost or stolen.
    2. Rekey the locks when you move into a new home in case the previous owner handed out copies that were never returned.
    3. Install locks on your garage, shed and other outbuildings that may have been overlooked.
    4. If your door has glass panels or windows, ask your locksmith to install a double key deadbolt rather than one with a thumb switch. 
    5. Check deadbolts for proper size and installation. The bolt should be at least one inch long and the strike plate installed with three inch screws that go well into the door frame.
    6. Remove and replace chain locks. They provide no real security.
    7. Place multiple locks on doors where a higher level of security is desired.
    8. Ask your locksmith to help you select a lockset with a key that is difficult to duplicate. Stamping "do not duplicate" on a key is ineffective.
    9. Have your locksmith recommend a quality lock, even if you install it yourself. Mass produced locksets sold in hardware and department stores are easy to bypass. Verify that your new lock is at least a grade 2.
    10. Key your doors with a master key that works on the doorknob and deadbolt. Then have keys made that work only on the knob. Give these keys to housekeepers, pet sitters, contractors and others who need access to your home at times but do not need unlimited access.
    11. Examine and replace the locks on your windows if necessary.
    12. Your locksmith can alter sliding glass doors, making it harder to remove them from the track. He can also add safety bars that prevent the door from being slid open from the outside.
    13. Verify that double doors have the proper locks; they require securely mounted flush lever bolts at the top and bottom of the doors.
    14. Have any button locks replaced or supplemented with a deadbolt.
    15. Talk to your locksmith about alarm systems. Many have expanded their services to include alarm installation.
    16. Ask your locksmith to recommend a good safe. Get one and store important documents, valuables and cash in it. This minimizes the damage if a burglar does gain access to your home.
    17. When using padlocks on sheds or garages, choose sturdy locks that cannot be easily cut with bolt cutters.
    18.  If burglaries are frequent in your area, consult a locksmith about installing locking security bars on your windows.
    19. Have a locksmith, contractor or handyman move your door hinges if they were improperly installed on the outside of the door.
    20. Talk to a locksmith or other security professional about other safety tips, such as trimming your hedges and installing adequate lighting around your home.

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