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  • 30 Things You Didn’t Know About Chicago

    Posted on April 28th, 2014 0 Comments
    30 things about Chicago

    Everyone knows Chicago is called 'the windy city.' But here are 30 things you didn't know about Chicago:

    1. The nickname "windy city" came from politicians known to talk a lot, not the weather. The weather is in fact windy, so the name stuck.
    2. One of the world's last free zoos, the Lincoln Park Zoo, is in Chicago and is located in- you guess it- the area known as Lincoln Park.
    3. The first gay rights group was formed in Chicago in 1924.
    4. In 1937, the first blood bank to open in the United States was in Chicago.
    5. Chicago was the birthplace of spray paint. Spray paint is now used liberally by graffiti artists throughout the city; for this reason it is illegal for some hardware and paint stores to sell spray paint in certain parts of the city. 
    6. The Chicago River flows backward; it is the only river in the world to do so.
    7. The world's longest contiguous street, Western Avenue, is in Chicago and measures more than 23 miles. Chicago Parks are managed in segments divided along the Western Avenue boundary line.
    8. Chicago's own "Taste of Chicago," full of food vendors, is the world’s largest free outdoor food festival. The food isn't free but the admission ticket is.
    9. After the great Chicago Fire in 1971, the Chicago Public Library was built directly out of its ashes.
    10. As part of the world fair held in Chicago, the Ferris wheel was invented in Chicago.
    11. Playboy magazine started in Chicago, which was also the home of the first playboy bunny club.
    12. In 1851, the zipper was invented in Chicago; the clothing device, not the ride.
    13. Twinkies, the famous Hostess snack, came from Chicago.
    14. Chicago's own Shedd Aquarium hosts the oldest aquatic animal known to live in a public aquarium, an 85 year old Australian lungfish named Granddad.
    15. The first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize was Chicagoan Jane Addams, founder of the Hull House.
    16. I-Robot was filmed in Chicago.
    17.  The first television station with all color started in Chicago in 1956. 
    18.  The deep dish pizza, also called the Chicago slice, was invented in the city.
    19.  Batman and Robin stores were based on Chicago life and buildings.
    20. President Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, is from Chicago. 
    21. There are 552 parks in Chicago. 
    22. There are 11 Fortune 500 companies located in Chicago. 
    23. During the 1893 Chicago fair, Cracker Jacks were introduced to the market. 
    24. The first car race ever seen in the country was held in Chicago in 1895. 
    25. Chicago is the "home of baton twirling,' because it held the first baton-twirling contest in 1935.
    26. The first air-conditioned building was built in Chicago. It was called the Wrigley Building after the inventor of chewing gum, and is still called that today.
    27. The original McDonald's restaurant was opened in Des Plaines, a Chicago suburb, in 1955.
    28. Chicago inventor Martin Cooper invented the cell phone.
    29. The first open heart surgery ever performed was in Chicago in 1893.
    30. The first Rotary Club in America was formed in Chicago. 

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