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  • Broken Key FAQ

    Posted on October 3rd, 2017 0 Comments

    Here at Chicago Locksmith, we often receive calls regarding broken keys - one of the most common lock and door related issues in the industry. Our locksmiths are trained to handle this situation, and have long standing experience to get you a working new key in no time at all. Here’s some examples of the most frequently asked questions we get receive from our customers regarding broken keys.


    Do I have to replace my lock if the key broke off in it?

    Usually you won’t have to do so. Our locksmiths can get the broken aspect of the key out of the lock quickly - this is usually a simple and quick operation. However, we stress the importance of not trying textract the broken part of the key yourself, as you can cause damage to the lock this way.


    What’s the timeframe for a broken key extraction?

    These operations take under a half an hour.


    Do I have to rekey my locks?

    Nope. As long as you work with our talented locksmith professionals, the security of your lock will never be altered.


    Can you make me a spare key?

    Absolutely. As professional locksmiths, this is our bread and butter. We can do this with the pieces of the broken key, or with it’s biting code.


    Can I open my door by attaching two broken pieces of my key?

    Absolutely not. This can result in pushing the broken part of the key further into the lock, making it much harder to extract. When a key breaks off in a lock, make sure to contact a truly professional and trustworthy locksmith who can handle the job - don’t insert any random objects into the lock in an attempt to remove the key pieces, as this can complicate the damage rather than allowing you to fix it with an easier solution.

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