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  • 5 Best Electronic Door Locks

    Posted on March 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    Now that huge advancements have been made in residential and commercial locksmith based security, there’s a huge variety of electronic door locks available on the market. This wide variety of locks come in an equally large variety of makes, models, sizes, and boast a huge amount of different features. In this brief blog post, the home security experts at Chicago Locksmiths will help you determine what the best electronic door locks for your home or business are.

    Toledo Locks Electronic Jaen Lever

    This relatively underdog lock brand offers many different types of electronic access options at a budget friendly price. This lock boasts solid anti lock bumping features, along with traditional key, electronic keypad, and infrared remote access options. It’s somewhat hard to install, and is not a smart lock, but rather simply an electronic lock - but a good one at that.

    LockState RemoteLock 5i WiFi Electronic Deadbolt

    This fantastic lock for property managers can work either as a deadbolt or lever lock, and can be programmed with up to 1000 customizable user codes in order to maintain key control. It has a privacy mode feature that can disable all access codes besides a master code, and has lockout functionality that is engaged if the wrong code is entered 5 times in a  row. This lock can work even though power outages, and has sleep mode features. It’s easily installed, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing WiFi networks via a router.

    Schlage Sense

    This popular lock brand makes this high quality electronic lock that offers a superior level of security compared to others. It contains a Grade 1 deadbolt that’s resistance to forced entry attempts, has a built in alarm, and can be operated with a traditional key or a keypad - as well as voice commands. The lock can store upto 30 customizable user access codes, and it’s ease of installation varies on what the existing door hardware is. The Schlage smart lock comes complete with deadbolt, so it cannot be paired with existing locks, but rather it will replace it.

    Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Gen. 2

    This superior deadbolt has improved security due to its military grade PKI encryption that protects it from cyber attack as well as smart key technology that protects from lock bumping or lock picking. It’s easy to install, and works with a Bluetooth mobile application. It can additionally be integrated with a whole slew of other smart home automation devices including the Nest Thermostat and the Ring Video Doorbell.

    KABA Oracode 660 Electronic Keyless Lock

    This popular choice for property managers that is available as a cylindrical or mortise lockset. It can be programmed with up to 128 customizable user access codes, with full time sensitive code features allowing for easy access for people like cleaners or pet sitters. Along with it’s access/lock control options, it’s very easy to install, and is more of a traditional electronic lock than a smart lock - but it can still be integrated for remote access through a web based keyless access system available in it’s upgraded version.

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