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  • Intercom System Installation Considerations

    Posted on September 7th, 2021 0 Comments

    Intercoms provide a massive array of practical and security benefits to properties of all types - especially busy apartment complexes. There’s a wide variety of intercom types and functionalities commonly available on market today - with each variation providing it’s own benefits, whether they be functional, security based, or economic. In this blog entry, the residential access control and security experts here at Chicago Locksmith will provide some detail as to the main considerations that should be maintained when installing an intercom system.

    What form of intercom system is ideal for the property in question?

    There’s many different forms of intercom systems commonly utilized on the market today - which we’ve discussed in previous blogs. It’s best to consider, and ask your licensed intercom installation expert, about what form of intercom will suit your property best - a wired system, or a wireless system? Wireless systems are much easier to install, but due to their housing of radio waves for their communication, they can experience periodic connection issues in larger properties. Wired properties provide better connections at a wider distance, however they risk the issues that occur when wires get damaged due to weather or construction.


    What features are provided by the chosen intercom system?

    Different types of intercom systems boast different sets of features. Some have only audio calling functionality, while others have functionality with both audio and video. Some other higher end intercoms have capabilities for group calls and internet connection - and of course, the newest intercoms can even be controlled with your smartphone!


    Can you remotely monitor the intercom system?

    If you want remote monitoring capabilities for your intercom, make sure to ask that it’s provided by your chosen intercom model. Smart intercom systems, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectable intercom systems, and some hardwired / remote combination systems have these capabilities.


    How is the video output quality?

    You will want to make sure that the video output quality of your chosen intercom is up to par. While not everyone will require high end, high resolution video, at the very least you will want the quality to be good enough so that you can identify the faces of visitors clearly.


    Intercom Warranties

    To be safe, we recommend asking your intercom installation service provider about whether the intercom that you are installing is covered by a warranty policy that can possibly cover accidental damages, or periodic repairs.

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