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  • Post Burgalry Office Security

    Posted on April 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    When an office suffers a break in or burglary, business owners have to deal with the ramifications. Besides dealing with potential property loss, one of the important measures that have to be taken after an office break in is reinforcement of office security plans in order to correct the vulnerabilities that allowed for the break in in the first place, as well as other security layer strengthening in order to minimize the potential for future break ins. In this blog post, the commercial security experts at Chicago Locksmiths will detail the steps that have to be taken in a commercial setting after a break in.

    Office Security Policy

    Analyze your existing office security policies. You want to make sure that you are screening those entering your office. This can take the form of mandatory sign ins, implementation of access control functions like codes or card scanning, or at the very least implementing a secretary or security person to stay aware of the goings on in your office.

    Access Point Analysis

    Make sure that you are aware of all potential access points in your office. This includes back doors, windows, delivery entrances, garage doors, or even doors that may exist inside office basements or stairwells. Make sure to bolster the access points that have been breached in the break in if you know which ones these are.

    Security Lock Installation

    Make sure to install high grade commercial security locks on all doors and windows. Often, the cost of locks reflect the level of security that they provide, so this is one area where business owners should not cut costs. Work with an expert commercial locksmith to determine exactly what locks are best for your office. Exterior and interior doors require different types of locks, so make sure that you have a creative mind when you’re figuring out what locks to install.

    Perimeter Security Aspects

    Install alarms and security cameras at perimeter areas. This functions as both active and passive security. In the active aspect, these features allow you to monitor exactly what’s going on in your office. If someone breaches the alarm, it will notify authorities or at the very least blare a loud noise that will scare off potential trespassers. In the passive aspect, visible perimeter security measures like alarms or cameras function as fantastic deterrents. Potential criminals will easily spot these features, and likely decide to move on to a more vulnerable target, as they don’t want to take the chance of getting caught.

    Access Control

    Make sure that keypad door locks are installed in your office. This makes sure that only certain people who have been granted specific access permission can enter particular areas of your property. This has the benefit of minimizing the dark chance that your location was burglarized by an employee who understand exactly where valuables are kept inside your office. When deciding what types of keypad access control to install, be aware of the size of your business and the amount of employees that currently work there. Chicago Locksmiths’ security experts can help you determine what the best type of access control devices are for your commercial location’s specific security needs.

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