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  • Working at Home Security

    Posted on October 2nd, 2020 0 Comments

    In these days of COVID-19, many of us are working from home - and many of us are balancing that labor with maintaining a family and ensuring that everyone stays safe and sane. In this blog post, the home security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail some excellent security tips for those still working at home.

    Outdoor or Shed Based Office Space

    If you’ve been working in an outdoor space, for example, in a converted shed, it’s important to keep that secure as well. We recommend installing an anti snap lock to help protect the lock from snapping - as well as other attacks like drilling, picking, and bumping. Anti snap security locks have multiple pins, and even stay secure if the pin is left in the lock! We also recommend installing motion sensor security cameras.

    Safe Installation

    If you keep any confidential information relating to your job - or anything else - at your home workspace, we recommend installing a high security safe. Keep any keys, documents, high rise information, storage devices, or anything else that’s important. Keep the code highly secure. This can ensure that your confidential and valuable information is safe and protected - and also give you peace of mind.

    Discreet Routines

    We recommend keeping your work routine - even when working from home - discreet and private. If somebody unscrupulous plans on taking advantage of you, and manages to track your routine, they might know the best times to break into your home office space when they know you won’t be present. If you're working from an outdoor or semi outdoor area, we recommend installing fencing of foliage so that neighboring homes can’t view what you’re doing. If you’re working indoors, have curtains to block the outside view - especially from the street.

    Sliding Door Security Repairs

    If your sliding doors have become weak or vulnerable, we recommend upgrading or replacing the door itself as well as it’s locks to keep your property secure. Sliding doors are an underrated potential crime entry point, and they need to be kept as secure as typical deadlocked doors. Contact Chicago Locksmiths today to update and upgrade the locks on your sliding doors.

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