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  • 2019 Neighborhood Crime Stats

    Posted on May 28th, 2019 0 Comments

    It’s estimated that about 200 burglaries occur on a daily basis in the United States, a number that measures to nearly 5000 burglaries a day. Here’s some unique and shocking facts and statistics about burglaries, as prepared by the home security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Security Systems Work Well as Deterrents

    It’s shown that about 60 percent of burglars say that they chose a different home to target when an initial home target had a security system. Monitored home security systems provide the best types of detection - especially when yard signs and window stickers are displayed around every entry point.


    Daytime Burglaries

    Most burglaries actually occur during the day since houses are usually empty while people are at work and school. Many burglars fool local neighbors by pretending to be a delivery or repair person rather than creepily sneaking around at night. Buy motion activated cameras that can alert you if movement is detected at hours in your home when people aren’t usually there.


    Burglars are Usually Local

    Most burglars commit their crimes within 2 miles of their own homes. They stake out homes by learning the occupants schedules, and by understanding how to read signs that occupants are on vacation, like piling mail or an overgrown lawn.


    Most Burglars Walk Straight into your Home

    30 percent of burglars simply gain entry to your home through an unlocked window or a door. Always check all the locks before leaving your home or going to bed, and make sure to pay attention to your main entrances like front and back doors.


    Most People Lose A Lot of Money in Burglaries

    Even if most burglars spend only 10 minutes in your home, most burglary victims lose at least $2,000 during the crime.

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