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  • Benefits of High Security Key Systems

    Posted on January 4th, 2021 0 Comments

    When looking to protect your residential or commercial property from forced entry and other security risks, the best place to start is with a strong and solid lock. However, many people overlook the security advantages of high security keys - an additional way to bolster your lock based security that provides far greater strength and protection than standard keys. In this blog entry, the residential and commercial locksmith experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail the best reasons to choose to implement a high security key system at your Chicago property.

    High Security Keys are Hard to Copy

    High security keys are made with special patents that prevent them from being able to get copied at typical hardware stores - they can only be copied by special locksmiths. This goes way above and beyond the security offered by normal keys that simply say “do not duplicate” on them, as these are often duplicated anyway.


    High Security Keys come with Tamper Proof High Security Locks

    Traditional keys usually work with locks that can be picked using readily available or specialty materials. High security keys are almost impossible to pick, since their locking mechanisms are matched to specific pins on your unique keys - meaning only a specialty locksmith with specialized tools can open these locks after they are secured.


    Full Access Control

    You can exert control over who can access your property with a high security key system. These keys can be easily master keyed, meaning that anyone with a commercial property can ensure that only authorized individuals can enter particular areas at particular times. This helps prevent the risk of burglary and even employee theft. High security locks can be easily fit into a master key system in both residential and commercial security contexts.



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