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  • Benefits of having both manual and electronic locks

    Posted on July 23rd, 2016 0 Comments
    Benefits of having both manual and electronic locks

    People are often polarized to one or the other side of the lock spectrum, arguing for the sole benefits of maintaining manual or electrical security systems in their homes or businesses. These arguments often follow alongside the conversational progression of dogma - in that they are single minded in their argumentative approach. The benefits of maintaining an electric lock system doesn’t cancel out the benefits of a mechanical system, and the benefits of a mechanical system doesn’t cancel out the benefits of an electronic system. In fact, both these systems have unique benefits that when combined can highly strengthen the security infrastructure of homes or businesses. In this blog entry I’ll detail the benefits of both.


    Benefits of Electronic Locks

    This is a matter of convenience. Instead of having to dig through your bag or pockets for your keys when you’re arriving home tired, or leaving home in a rush, you can simply input a code (or in some cases simply shut the door) and rest easy knowing that your home is being adequately protected. These systems often work according to fail safe principles - they have backup batteries that will keep the doors protected even in the case of power outages that take other electronic systems off the grid of operation.


    Benefits of Manual Locks

    Manual locks are fantastic not only because of their classic visual appeal, but for their sturdiness and resilience. While many electronic lock systems are designed with fail safe principles nowadays, it wouldn’t hurt to have a strong manual lock system bolstering the solid protection of the door in the event of a power outage or any major security risk situation. With manual locks, making sure that the whole family or business has access to your space is super simple; it’s as easy as making a copy of the key to give them.

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