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  • What to do when Car Door Lock is Stuck in Locked Position

    Posted on August 28th, 2018 0 Comments

    A distinctly different, but similar issue to having keys locked inside your car, is when your car's  lock are stuck in the locked position - rendering it impossible for you to either get access to the interior of your vehicle, or even leave it! This very strange and frustrating issue can be caused by a few different problems with your car’s locking mechanism. In this blog entry, the automotive locksmith experts at Chicago Locksmiths will provide some details as to what actions you can take to remedy the issue of having your car’s locks stuck in the locked position.

    Unlocking the Car Door (If you’re Outside the Vehicle)

    First off, if you’re outside the vehicle, you will need to gain access to it in order to remedy the lock situation. Take these steps to do so:

    1. See if there are any available methods of opening up the door - try them all. These include using the remote, the keys, and the trunk.
    2. If nothing works, take off the set screws from the door panel.
    3. If you can’t open the door panel enough to reach the interior of the door lock, try partially disassembling it.
    4. If you get access to the door lock assembly, see if you can move the interior door lock and the assembly.
    5. Try and move the latch.


    It should remain said that these above steps represent a rudimentary DIY approach to accessing your car - and is always better solved by contacting a licensed automotive locksmith expert, who can help provide you solutions in a much swifter and more direct fashion.

    Once you have Access to the Stuck Car Lock


    Use a silicone based lubricant to lubricate the entire assembly of the lock mechanism. Clean off all rust, and lubricate all parts to encourage smooth and successful operation.

    Lock Repair

    If the door lock is stuck in the locked position, the repair will likely involve rebinding broken connections. You will need to acquire the proper type of binding glue based on what materials are being glued together - metal and plastic will require different solitary glue, while a special glue is needed to attach plastic to metal. We recommend contacting a licensed automotive locksmith to assist you with this operation.

    Door Lock Part Replacement

    You will need to find the proper replacement parts online or through a car dealership. The best way of tackling this step in the operation is to contact a licensed automotive locksmith - they can help provide you with the proper replacement parts for a much cheaper rate than the automotive dealership, while providing all replacement and repair operations directly at your location, allowing you to get back on the road as soon as possible.

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