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  • Common Forms of Intercom Technology

    Posted on July 26th, 2021 0 Comments

    Intercom technology is a massive security assistance to commercial - and even residential - properties. When paired with high quality deadbolt locks and a solid CCTV surveillance system (or even bolstered by smart home or Wi-Fi / Bluetooth enabled lock technology,) intercoms function as an integral form of access control that verifies authorized entry, and deters attempts at unlawful entry. In this blog post, the intercom installation experts here at Chicago Locksmith will detail the different types of intercom technology which we regularly install at properties throughout the Chicago area.

    Wireless Intercoms

    Wireless intercoms utilize different radio frequencies from hard-wired intercoms, and are more affordable. They can usually be operated straight out of the box with zero installation. Ensure that the intercom has an up-to-date battery and that it has the proper range to work for your property. Be aware of the risks that unauthorized individuals may be able to tune into its frequency.


    Hard-wired Intercoms

    Hard-wired intercoms are mounted directly into your house and allow for communication between the interior and the front door of a property with the simple push of a button - through wired connection to intercom speakers. These units are slightly more expensive, but avoid interference better, and are more durable. This is an ideal choice for properties that are still undergoing construction, as they can easily be installed during the construction process.


    Video Intercoms

    Video intercoms, obviously, allow for property-owners to see visitors on the other side of the door before opening it. These are usually wired systems - but another option is simply a smart home system with an integrated camera added to your intercom. This allows for the convenience of control through smartphones or tablets that allow you to change lighting or temperature. 


    Carrier-Current Intercoms

    These intercoms are fully integrated into your home’s electric systems. They are affordable and super low-maintenance - with easy installation - but have somewhat less of a quality level of sound than other systems.


    Automatic Gate Intercoms

    If your property has a front gate that you normally need to manually unlock, an automatic gate intercom is an ideal solution. You can open your front gates with the push of a button - of course, after verifying your visitor’s identity with a built-in camera and audio system.


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