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  • Digital Commercial Safes

    Posted on September 28th, 2018 0 Comments

    If you use commercial safes at your Chicago business, you may be considering upgrading them to digital models. This consideration can be chalked up to many factors, from a reassessment of security protocol following a break-in, to commercial expansion. Here’s some quick tips about digital commercial safes that you should know before purchasing one, as prepared by the commercial security experts at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Digital Safe Ease of Convenience

    Digital safes allow for major ease of access to your valuables. Typical key entry safes have the drawback of potential key loss. However, with digital safes, you can simply program in an access code, and have the peace of mind in knowing that you will be able to access your precious belongings without ever having to search around for a misplaced key.

    Digital Safe Hardway Reinforcement

    Digital commercial safes have reinforced hardware. This sums up to a safe with a stronger frame, stronger hinges, stronger bolts, and stronger walls. Special digital safe hardware often also includes a fully linked and incorporated alarm system that provides property owners with massive relief in knowing that their precious belongings are being protected by as many security layers as possible.

    Budgetary / Practical Freedom of Digital Safes

    One should never underestimate the benefits of utilizing the programmable lock features of a digital safe. Since with digital commercial safes you can change the combination code for your locking mechanism as many times as you want - all without any additional costs. This saves your business massive amounts of money that you might spend by having locksmiths change the codes on a mechanical type safes - and you will save even more money if your business has a large staff turnover rate, or strict security protocols that call for regular revolving code changes.

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