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  • Why You Should Never Break Into Your Own Car

    Posted on September 28th, 2018 0 Comments

    When car keys are misplaced or locked inside a car, vehicle owners often consider attempting to break into their own vehicles. This can be seen as a faster way of accessing the interior of the car that doesn’t require having to reach out to a locksmith. However, we at Chicago Locksmiths want to advise the public that this sort of action really isn’t recommended, due to a number of important factors that we will detail here in the following blog post:

    Putting yourself in Danger

    Especially a factor when your car is parked in a dimly lit or unsafe area like a parking lot or alley, attempting to pry open your own car puts yourself in danger by advertising your inherent vulnerability to strangers around you. You might be distracted by the process of attempting to break into your own car, which puts a target on your back for thieves and criminals. Instead, find a well lit and populated area to contact a licensed locksmith.

    Attracting negative attention of Police

    Police could mistake you for a carjacker and harass or arrest you. Anybody on the street who doesn't know you’re the vehicle’s owner - and really, who would - will likely alert the cops to your actions. It can take an extreme amount of time to prove to the police that you’re the true owner of the car, especially considering the fact that you’ve chosen to attempt to break into it yourself rather than call a locksmith - an action that most responsible car owners would do instead.

    Potentially damaging your Car

    You are likely to accidentally damage aspects of your vehicle by attempting to break into it. Common damages of this action include scraped off or chipped paint, broken window seals, broken door handles, broken windows, and broken lock mechanisms. The cost of having these damages repaired is more expensive than the cost of having a locksmith unlock your car door in the first place.

    It’s not easy to unlock your own car

    If you have a modern vehicle it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to break into your vehicle yourself even with a lot of time. You used to be able to potentially break into an older model of vehicle with a metal coat hanger, but with contemporary anti theft technology, it’s very hard to get inside vehicles. Just call a licensed locksmith instead!

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