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  • Functional Benefits of CCTV Security Camera Systems

    Posted on March 7th, 2021 0 Comments

    Here at Chicago Locksmith, we take pride in our ability to deliver custom tailored physical security solutions to our broad range of residential and commercial clients. One fantastic way to implement preventative physical security is the installation of CCTV cameras at your property - in this blog entry, our commercial and residential access control and security experts will provide some more detail as to unique functional benefits of this technology.

    Facial Recognition Options

    Facial recognition is a great option for commercial property owners - or residential property owners - looking to easily verify and/or identify people visiting your property. Facial recognition technology used to be considered expensive, but is now affordable for property owners of all budgets and sizes. The high resolution optics of contemporary security cameras allow you to check out unique details to help you verify proper identity including clothing, license plates, and ID numbers.

    Remote Access Functionality

    Contemporary security cameras allow for remote access on a 24/7 basis, no matter your location. You can review footage and control the camera from a far away area from your laptop, phone, or other mobile device. Security cameras today even have motion sensor notifications that allow you to know when to begin remote viewing in real time.

    Unique Audio Abilities

    Modern security cameras actually boast hybrid features that are usually seen with access control devices - audio functionality! Security camera audio functions allow you to not only listen to visitors by the door in real time - but to work along with your existing (or newly installed) access control devices as a two-way speaker when connected to your intercom. Audio functionality is a major asset as well in video capturing - in case you experience suspicious behavior and want to really review the footage taken of the front of your property at a later date.

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