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  • Top Security Issues Often Overlooked at Commercial Properties

    Posted on April 21st, 2021 0 Comments

    While the mainstays of successful commercial security are high-quality deadbolt locks and access control systems, there’s many other factors that affect the security of your business or commercial property. In this brief blog entry, the lock installation and security hardware experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail the top three highly important and vital security issues commonly overlooked by businesses.

    Obsolete or Old Access Control Systems

    In recent years, fantastic strides have been made with access control systems. There’s tons of new beneficial features available in today’s access control systems - and older systems simply aren’t up to par, offering limited capabilities and limited ability for integration with other modern security equipment, like cloud based CCTV archive storage. Ensure that your property has a modern and high quality access control system that boasts features like electric strike control, biometric access control, smart locks, or keypads.

    Access Control Rule Leniency

    Make sure to enforce your ID, security, and access control rules evenly across everyone on your commercial property. Every single person in your property ranging from high-ups to temporary delivery people need to follow all ID requirements, with no exceptions made. Ensure that any security personnel (or automatic security technology) are set up to properly analyze credentials and check IDs.

    Improper Training on Security System Operations

    Make sure that your staff is trained to use your access control system, CCTV camera systems, and especially any integrated alarm and security system. While in many respects these systems have capability for automatic operation, they still require an active and talented eye on the part of security personnel. Ensure that all of your staff is trained on how to use this technology.

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