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  • How Your Home Might Be a Burglary Target

    Posted on May 31st, 2018 0 Comments

    Could your Chicago home be a crime target? You might not even be aware whether your home is being actively targeted for a burglary by criminals - and you might even be possibly tempting burglars through practices that make your home vulnerable to crime. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimate that over 3 million houses suffer burglaries every year - usually when people aren’t home. Here’s some of the ways you might be making your home a target for burglary - and how to avoid doing so, as prepared by the residential security experts at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Leaving Doors Open

    Never leave your doors open, as this is just advertising your home as a burglary target. In fact, the majority of Chicago homes are most susceptible to experiencing a burglary between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, when the majority of people are out of the house. These burglaries can be completely nonchalant if your doors are left open, with criminals either posing as delivery personnel or simply waltzing into your home casually.

    You Leave Boxes and Packaging Advertising Valuables Outside your Home

    You invite crime to your home by leaving evidence of valuables and electronics outside your home. This means packaging and boxes for televisions, consoles, smartphones, home care equipment, or any other type of expensive electronic items. Electronics, after petty cash, are the most commonly stolen item during burglaries. Break down packaging or boxes and place it in non-see-through garbage or recycling bags or bins outside of your home.


    Many burglars these days are searching for prescription drugs, most specifically painkillers. These drugs, when stolen, can be sold on the underground black market. When burglars are aware of someone very sick inside the home, or someone with the prescription, they may target your home for burglary. Make sure that your home is equipped with high grade security deadbolts whether or not this is the case.

    Leaving Windows Open

    Burglars often check windows - especially ground floor windows - so make sure to leave your windows locked too, especially at night and when you’re not home.

    Broadcasting Vacations

    Don’t let everyone know on social media that you’re going on vacation, especially if your profile is public and can wind up on searches for the keyword ‘vacation.’ This helps you avoid advertising your home as a potential ideal target for a burglary.

    Disarmed Alarms

    What’s the point of having a home security alarm if you keep it disarmed all the time?? Make sure that your alarms are always armed and active - especially during times that you’re asleep or out of the house - yes, including broad daylight!!

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