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  • Buying New Smart Car Keys

    Posted on June 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    Smart keys, aka transponder keys or key fobs are special car keys that are programmed directly to work with your vehicle. If you lose your car key, it’s not as easy as making a key directly from the key cylinder profile, as a few skilled locksmiths can do. You will need to find an avenue for obtaining and programming a transponder key blank to match your vehicle’s data profile. The expert emergency locksmith team at Chicago Locksmiths can help you do this; but before you contact us, here’s some excellent information about purchasing new smart car keys so that you can be better informed about the various aspects of the process in order to maximize your budget.

    You can’t Buy Keys Straight from the Car Maker

    Most car manufacturers don’t sell keys straight to car owners, but rather to dealerships. In order to find a key from a car manufacturer you will need to find a third party group that has permission from the automotive manufacturers to sell keys to customers.

    Pre-Programmed Keys

    Smart keys need to be programmed in the direct vicinity of the car they they are matched with. Due to this, you can’t just buy a car key that’s already been programmed to your car. Any ad selling pre-programmed car keys is a scam, as once a car key is programmed, it can’t be programmed to match your car.

    Be Careful with Online Third Party Stores

    The internet has a ton of third party resellers selling car smart keys, many of which are shoddy. While some out there do sell viable blank non-programmed car keys, many of the others are broken or unlikely to actually work with your vehicle.

    Car Dealership Keys are Expensive

    Some of the most expensive prices for replacing car transponder keys are found at automotive dealerships. While a dealership seems like a convenient answer to your lack-of-keys issue, in truth it’s not the best answer, because you will be burning a big hole in your wallet by purchasing keys at an automotive dealership. Basically, the logic of this decision is based on a combination of your budget size, as well as how much time you want to take to replace your keys. If you have an unlimited budget, are in a massive rush, and happen to be right next to your car dealership, it may be a good option! However, let it be known that car dealerships don’t make most of their money replacing car smart keys, so they won’t blink in giving you a high quote and are unlikely to be flexible with it.

    Contacting a Professional Automotive Locksmith

    This is the easiest and best solution to replacing your car keys. Simply contact a professional automotive locksmith team, and receive a quote. The team at Chicago Locksmiths will come directly to your location with their mobile locksmith van, equipped with transponder key blanks for your car’s model, and all the necessary equipment to program it to match your vehicle. Then, simply relax as one of our specialist technicians deftly and professionally programs the transponder key blank, giving you a good-as-new working key in a simple matter of minutes. Since our locksmiths are mobile, you know that you can have your car key replaced without any need for sweat, stress, or travel - it’s simply the easiest solution.

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