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  • Keeping Bugs and Obstructions away from your Security Cameras

    Posted on April 27th, 2019 0 Comments

    It may seem strange, but bugs, although minuscule, can actually pose a major security risk due to their ability to interfere with successful operation of security cameras. This can range from innocuous malfunctions, to false alarms or even disastrous failures of security cameras to protect your home or business. Here’s a guide from the residential security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths to keep insects and other pesky obstructions away from your security cameras.

    Lubricant Application

    • Make sure to cover the camera’s body and surrounding area with a lubricant spray like silicon, teflon, or even Vaseline - but ONLY if your camera actually has a protective body or shell. This will make the camera too lubricated for spiders to place webs on it or bugs to crawl around it - just make sure to cover up the lens with a paper towel before applying the lubricant to make sure it doesn’t get on the lens.

    Dryer Sheets

    • Consider using a rubber band to place a dryer sheet to the outside of the camera - it’s strong odor will keep bugs away from it.

    Turn off LED Lights

    • Bugs will be attracted to the LED lights on the outside of your camera lens; turn them off if you can.

    Flea Collars

    • Try looping a flea collar around your camera - they are known to also keep other types of bugs like spiders and flies away.

    Insect Repellent

    • Consider placing insect repellent / bug spray around your camera’s protective housing - just try using a non-toxic version.

    Sweeping Camera Areas

    • Try to regularly clean off the exterior, enclosing, housing, shields, and covers of your camera with a soft bristle brush in order to get rid of any bugs or webs that may be on it.

    Using a Fan

    • If you install a computer fan around your camera the wind it generates will prevent spiders from building webs, or insects from crawling around your camera lens.

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