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  • How to Know if your Garage is Vulnerable to Burgalry

    Posted on August 17th, 2020 0 Comments

    Garages, while not commonly seeming to be the most crime-vulnerable parts of a home, actually constitute a security risk to the rest of the home, as well as just on their own for burglary of valuable equipment. In this blog entry, the residential security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail ways to determine whether your garage is vulnerable to a break-in.


    Make sure that the exterior of your garage is brightly lit. If your garage door - or any side doors to your garage- are in dimly lit areas, burglars could easily find a way to enter your home undetected.

    Aging Garage Doors

    Older garage doors can easily lose their tight seal over time and use - any gaps in the seal of your garage door can quickly become a security liability. Service doors are another area you should focus on preventing vulnerabilities in.

    Forgetting to Close the Door

    If you leave your garage door open - whether accidentally or on purpose - you’re giving thieves a chance to easily break in. We recommend installing a smart garage door opener system so that you can more easily verify whether a garage door is open or not.

    Covering Windows

    Make sure that your garage windows are covered so that you don’t advertise your belongings to any passing criminals. Try to cover your windows with curtains and/or blinds to make your garage a more private place.

    Deadbolt Installation

    Make sure to install a high quality, durable deadbolt on your garage service door in order to prevent any thieves from gaining access to your garage - or by extension, your home or business. Consider installing a reinforced strike plate to keep the deadbolt in place. 

    Motion Activated Lights

    Install motion activated lights outside your garage doors that can suddenly illuminate anyone sneaking around the garage exterior - functioning as a deterrent that can quickly frighten thieves away.

    Home Security Systems 

    Install a high quality home security system that will trigger an immediate alert to law enforcement authorities as soon as a suspicious and forced entry is attempted in your garage. By having a home security system installed at your garage - as well as the above security measure - you can rest easy in knowing that you did your best to ensure the security of your garage and all connected properties.

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