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  • Preventing Children from Getting Locked Inside Cars

    Posted on July 18th, 2019 0 Comments

    It’s every parent’s worst nightmare; a child getting locked inside a car can prove tragically deadly in a matter of minutes. It’s estimated that over 600 children have lost their lives by getting accidentally locked inside cars in the USA since the year 1990. Here’s a guide on how to prevent this awful occurance from happening, as prepared by the lock, safety, and security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Always know your Car Key’s Location

    Never let your car keys out of your sight - as children tend to be curious about car keys (like they are about everything!) and might have noticed you using them. They can potentially unlock a car with the keys, and walk inside with them without understanding the danger they are putting themselves in while doing so - especially if the adult is napping. Always keep your car keys inside a purse, your pockets ,or a tall shelf where children cannot reach them.


    Keep Spare Car Keys in the House

    Always keep a set of spare car keys in a safe location inside your house - or with a trusted neighbor or family member. Spare car keys can help you prevent a tragedy while saving you energy, time, and cash. Remember - don’t defeat the purpose of spare keys by keeping them with the original keys.


    Keeping Watch over Children

    • Keep aware of your children’s location even when you are on the phone or running an errand.
    • Never let children remain in the car even if you’re going in the store for one second.
    • Keep the AC on inside the car at all times a  child is inside it.


    Inspecting your Car

    Make sure you’re staying aware of the condition of your vehicle and its accessories. This includes the lock, the key fobs, and the trunk. The smallest malfunction of a lock or key jamming can potentially result in a child being locked inside the car. Have your car periodically inspected by a trusted automotive locksmith to ensure that it’s running properly, and that you and your family will be safe from potential mishaps that could be caused by a malfunctioning car lock or ignition switch.

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