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  • Reasons Not to Break into your own Car during a Lockout

    Posted on February 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    Picture this scenario if you will: you’ve just finished a long day of work or grocery shopping, and find that you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your car. This is a stressful situation made even more aggravating if you’ve had a long day or happen to be parked in the middle of nowhere - and if you find yourself in it, you might be finding yourself stressed over figuring out a way to get yourself into your car as soon as possible. This is never a good approach. The automotive lockout experts at Chicago Locksmiths have prepared a short list on the top reasons NOT to attempt to break into your own car during a lockout; instead, contact our team to get instant, safe assistance with your car lockout problem.

    Physical Danger

    Amateur attempts at car unlocking or key retrieval could lead to physical harm from tools like crowbars or flat headed screwdrivers. Prying doors requires a great deal of force, and of course, when you’re working with industrial metal there’s almost always a risk. Don’t compound your stress over a lockout by risking physical injury.

    Damage to your Vehicle

    You will likely break your vehicle’s door lock, window mechanism, or even the window pane itself! At the very least, you’re highly likely to scratch up your car’s paint job or dent it’s body - both of which aren’t exactly cheap fixes. Don’t risk it.

    Legal Issues

    Passersby might assume that you aren’t the owner of the car, and that you’re a car thief. If a cop sees you or is summoned to your location, they might think so as well - and if your registration or wallet is in the car, you have no way to prove that it’s yours until you retrieve it. Factoring in the high levels of stress and tension you already feel, it’s just not a good idea to get the police involved.

    Criminal Vulnerability

    By being stranded outside your car, you are vulnerable to the advances of burglars or potential carjackers who are way less worried about the costs of breaking through your car’s windows. If you’re left locked out and feel unsafe, call Chicago Locksmiths for instant assistance.

    It’s Just Not Easy for Amateurs

    Most recently made cars are outfit with anti theft technology that poses a great advantage to automobile owners - this technology makes it much harder for amateurs to get inside a locked car, so even if you try try and try, and don’t damage yourself or your car, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to get in without the assistance of someone like the expert lock technicians employed by Chicago Locksmiths

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