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  • Running with Keys

    Posted on January 14th, 2014 0 Comments

    The runner must prepare. He must eat strategically; he must stretch and warm-up; he must hydrate and know the distance of his route. Along the way he must know how to avoid certain obstacles and perceive his next steps. Before beginning he will inspect his shoes, the fit, and dote briefly on their milage. And, before taking the first stride of his 8.7 miler, he will be befuddled as to where to securely place his house key…
    Losing your key on the trail could at the least mean walking home after that 8.7 miler or in the worst case scenario end up in a stolen vehicle or a home robbery. If you’ve gone the distance to get your locks replaced, keeping that key safe is up to you. Here are a few tips to not loose that key next time your feet begin to take you places. 


    Out of sight, out of mind

    Runners often times enter a running “zone”. This zone has been described as meditative and for some spiritual. The comfort of this zone could mean the world to your mental and physical endurance, so if you tend to keep your key(s) tucked in your shoe or in a risky pocket, make sure they are secured very well. ALWAYS have them tied to something. If your bottoms don’t have sufficient internal pockets, secure them with ties to anything you can. 
    Some runners keep a single ring with one loop to retain its static-ness. By having it on their middle finger it’s a place that’s secure, hardly bothersome and sort of feel-able. 

    Applicable clothing or devices

    Athletic clothing companies are atoning for lost keys. Some shorts have internal secure pockets, most outer layers have them as well; some shoes even have pockets to keep a key. When looking for athletic gear, don’t forget to see if their is key storage on the product. Lot’s of products are equipped with this feature, many are not. Don’t forget to check!

    Lock Gear

    Companies have wonderful locking devices for this purpose. Wherever you may set out on your athletic endeavors, Master Lock and a few other options have quality key lock boxes. The idea is simple. Put your key in the lock box, secure the box to the tow of your vehicle or another legal source, shuffle the combination and you are done. Your key is secure at the point of return from your activity. 

    Hidden treasure

    Although we feign our enthusiasm with this option, it’s best to note on it anyway. Runners like to hide their keys. It’s like all the animals that hide and save their food. Some people put their entire key chains above their car tires. Others magnetize them to the bottom of the floor pans. Some runners even tie a string to the key, swallow it and lure it out after they’ve completed their trek. No. Not really. Hiding your keys is a risky, risky thing to do, so if you do do it, be sure to get creative, above all else, make certain that nobody is watching your key cache and that you yourself remember the place you hid the key. Good luck and happy trails.
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