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  • Unfreezing Car Lock

    Posted on January 6th, 2014 0 Comments

    Chicagoland weather has the bravado to freeze hell over. At some time, you’ll wake up inches from an alarm clock that didn’t sound, you’ll skip breakfast, lace one boot, forget your wallet and hobble out the door. All of a sudden you see an ice-mobile. You’re panicky. You want to reach for the chainsaw, or the pickax. But this may do little more for your cause if you discover that your locks are frozen. What do you do? Have these solutions in your head the next time your auto locks freeze up.  Here are some tips from Chicago Locksmith to unfreezing car lock:


    Frozen locks can be unfrozen and by heat. If so inclined, boil your key in water, or place it in a toaster oven. If there is a BPA issue- say you’re key is incased in plastic- just hold the key tip in a pot of boiling water. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCOLD YOURSELF. Dry the key before inserting it into its frozen housing. Use a towel to grip the key, or an oven mitt if needed. This may seem crazy, the squirrels and neighbors will probably take notice, but keep at it, it does work.


    It’s likely that the grocery store or the bodega on the corner carries lock deicer. If there’s weather for it, there’s a market for it. It’s not a bad idea to keep a few cans on hand for the winter months. Applying the deicer is simple: poke the straw into the nozzle, insert the straw into the applicable lock and give it a good drink. Attempt to use your key, if the key doesn’t work, wait a minute, reapply the deicer and try again. This may take a few minutes, but you’ll be glad you didn’t wait for the sun to open its eyes and deice the locks for you. 
    Mean, Mean Vaseline
    The chemical compounds in vaseline are able to melt ice. Dip the key in Vaseline and insert it into the lock. Wiggle the key in the lock, but try not to force it. If that key breaks you’re not getting anywhere. Be patient. Wait until the ice has sufficiently melted and the key gives rather easily to motion. If the first application doesn’t work, attempt these steps two or three times and give the process up to five minutes before the key performs its intended use and the locks deice. 

    Electric Lock Deicer 

    There are a bunch of mediocre to poor electric deicers on the market. Most of them are in the form of little key chains that appear very simple and efficient. That’s usually not the case; they’re most often terribly made and can’t get hotter than lukewarm ham. But, if you get lucky and find an electric lock deicer that has a few positive reviews, give it a shot. We’re not enthused by the heated toothpicks that they are, but they supposedly try to help your cause. Beware of these products and good luck. 

    Magnet trick

    Some claim that putting a magnet over the lock prevents water from letting itself into the lock. Magnets that will fit the size of the lock can be found at any hardware store. Give it a try. 
    By now you and your key might have shared some new experiences together: Did you boil or toast its shiny figure? Did you coat it in Vaseline? Whatever the event, these tips should have worked or prepared you for the next time your vehicle becomes an ice-mobile and your locks need to be unfrozen. 
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