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  • Shed Lock Options

    Posted on January 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    Do you want to maintain your Chicago home security, or that of your business? Doing so includes ensuring that all areas of your property are secure, including outdoor sheds. Regardless of the specific use or purpose of your shed, they all require the security that strong locks provide - but choosing the proper one can be complicated. Here's a guide from the expert residential locksmith at Chicago Locksmiths on how to choose the best type of shed lock.


    Padlocks are usually used on sheds, since any size or shape of door can be fitted with a padlock with the assistance of a hasp. Once a shed door has a hasp in place, all you need is a working padlock - but it’s still necessary to make sure the hasps themselves are secure. Make sure to inspect the hasp once the door is secure - the hasp should never show any of its screws. If the hasp isn’t secure, it won’t make any difference what type of shed locks you have. Since the shed is outdoors, you also want to ensure that you have a hasp or lock that can withstand weathering. Locks or bolts that are rusted can cause sheds to be vulnerable, so make sure that you get a weatherproof padlock.


    Deadbolts aren’t always ideal choices for shed locks. It’s slim chances that you have the proper kind of door or door jamb for the correct installation of a deadbolt. But, sometimes garden sheds or similar structures can have normal door locks. If this is the type of structure that you’re working with you can look for garden shed deadbolts - but the door has to be thick enough to handle a strike plate to secure the deadbolt itself. You will have to cross bore into the shed’s door; remember, that a deadbolt is only useful when it is properly installed.

    Rim Latches

    The majority of shed doors are too thin for deadbolts, but you might be able to use a rim lock (or rim latch) even if the door is thin, making them a widely used option for shed locks. Rim latch hardware can be positioned outside of the door itself on the inside of the shed - however, in order to use them you will need to make sure the shed door lock is secured on the crossbeam on the door’s framework. Just keep in mind that if the door itself is incredibly thin, it may interfere with the efficacy of any type of shed door lock that you choose to use, as something as simple as blunt force can damage it.

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