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  • Top Reasons Garages Need Security Cameras

    Posted on May 16th, 2021 0 Comments

    CCTV security cameras are a massive advantage to any residential or commercial establishment, offering fantastic security benefits. Garages, being some of the most secluded areas of any property, are also associated with a higher rate of crime. In this blog entry, the residential security and commercial security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail the top reasons that your garage needs security cameras.

    Parking Lots that Lack Security are Unsafe

    It's estimated by the Bureau of Justice Statistics that 10% of crimes that happen on private properties occur in parking lots. Parking lots with bad lighting and a lack of security cameras are essentially begging for crimes like theft, mugging, carjacking, or even assault to occur. You can mitigate these risks by investing in the installation of CCTV Security Cameras at your parking lots. There’s a wide range of CCTV cameras made and models - from the industry’s leading brands - all of which can provide a range of coverage and data storage options that meet your business’ unique needs.

    Benefits of Parking Lot CCTV and Security Systems

    Even for commercial property owners who don’t want to invest in 24/7 security guard for their property, you can opt to invest in modern security technology that allows you to watch and monitor the goings on at your property without hiring a large staff. Security cameras normally capture footage - and in the event of a crime (although we hope one doesn’t occur) this footage can help police track down the perpetrator of any crime, whether it be theft or a car accident. CCTV security camera systems, when visible, also operate as a deterrent for criminals. CCTV security systems installed in parking lots ensure the safety of visitors to your business, and provide commercial property owners the peace of mind that they can be notified - in real time - of any security threats outside your property, before they gain entrance!

    Custom Tailored Parking Lot Security Systems

    Chicago Locksmith can install a range of monitored CCTV security systems in your parking lot, with camera types ranging from fish-eye cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, bullet cameras, vandal dome cameras, box cameras, and much more! Our team works with the latest and greatest security technology currently in the market today, ensuring satisfaction, and close attention paid to the unique functional and security needs of your property.

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