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  • Underrated Home Security Tips

    Posted on October 31st, 2019 0 Comments

    Home security isn’t a clear cut and simple procedure for everybody - rather, it’s a selection of custom approaches to your home that’s unique based on everyone’s individual home. Here’s a guide for some essential and underrated home security tips that every homeowner should keep in their mind, as prepared by the locksmith experts here at Chicago Locksmith.

    Teaching Household Members

    We advise you to teach all members of your household a series of ground rules for keeping your property safe. Set rules for what people should do when they are the last person to leave the house. Make sure locks are always secured. Make sure to be aware of how many keys you have, and who has them. Make sure that everybody knows the proper steps to take if your keys are lost.


    Bluetooth Key Trackers

    Attach Bluetooth trackers to keys to make sure that you can always recover them even when they are lost. These trackers are connected to a smartphone application that allows you to track the location of an object in real time.


    Keyless Entry

    Consider upgrading your home’s locks to keyless entry system - this can be an addition to your existing locks, rather than warranting a total lock replacement. These systems allow you to change access credentials for different staff, visitors and household members.


    Security Materials

    Make sure entrance points to your home are solid wood or steel wrapped wood core doors. These are more resistant to blunt for century attacks, rather than hollow core or wood panel doors that can be easily kicked in.


    Security Signs

    Make sure to have signs out in front of your home to advertise your security system. THis functions as a deterrent. Also make sure to regularly cut the grass in front of your home so as not to make your home appear unoccupied.


    Active Lighting

    Make sure that there’s a motion sensor connected light on the outside of your home that can startle intruders and let those inside understand that somebody is approaching in the middle of the night. If you have as security camera, make sure to have a light positioned that illuminates the camera’s field of recording for easier viewing.

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