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  • Advantages of Commercial Mobile Access Control

    Posted on February 10th, 2021 0 Comments

    Mobile access control systems can be a major boon to commercial properties. The advanced technology offers premiere levels of controllable security and access control convenience, bolstering the operation of your business and enforcing the safety of your employees and inventory. In this blog post, the locksmith experts here at Chicago Locksmith will detail the advantages of mobile access control systems at your commercial property.

    Benefits of Access Control for Commercial Properties

    Convenient Operation for Employees

    Due to the ubiquitousness of smartphones, it’s nearly guaranteed that the majority of you employees will have some sort of smart device like a smartphone or tablet. When you integrate your access control system with mobile devices, your employees can operate the access control system with the devices they carry on them all the time. This helps lower the chances of lost or forgotten key tokens, making the operation of your business and accessing it easier for employees.

    Hands Free Entrance

    Your access control devices can be programmed with specific range that allow you to enter protected doorways with zero need to pull your mobile device from your pocket, allowing you to enter the door with massive ease.

    Customizable User Access

    It can be complicated to manage a rotating list of employees and guests, especially when working with traditional security and access control systems. Mobile access control systems can be easily updated from your phone allowing you to customize temporary access tokens for visitors, or program access control systems to allow certain people to access your property at certain times.

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