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  • Common Types of Commercial Locks

    Posted on February 10th, 2021 0 Comments

    Commercial door lock installation and repair are some of the main services that we, the expert locksmith team here at SOS Locksmith, specialize in. Every properly run commercial entity takes care to maintain high quality locks at their property that offer proper protection and security. In this blog entry, the commercial lock installation experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail the main types of commercial locks that we commonly work with today.


    Definition of Commercial Grade Lock Grades

    All door locks come in different grades that describe their security level - defined by durability, strength, and cost. Grade 1 locks can ensure over a million cycles of being opened and shut, while Grade 2 and Grade 3 locks can be opened and closed about 800,000 cycles. Grade 1 Locks can withstand about 10 75 pound strikes to the doorknobs, while Grade 2 Locks can withstand 5 hits - Grade 3 Locks can withstand just about 2 hits.

    Different Types of Commercial Door Locks

    The main types of commercial door locks are commercial strikes, restricted key systems, keyless entry locks, magnetic locks, master key systems, and door closers. Commercial strike locks are electrically operated to allow visitors in, and rigged with doorbells or intercoms. They are commonly used in high traffic businesses iek doctor’s offices. Keyless entry requires a password or security number for entrance. Magnetic locks are used when there’s zero door knobs or levers - usually on revolving doors. Restricted key systems offer superior security as there’s limits on the amount of times keys can be copied. Door closers are common for most commercial buildings, and automatically lock when the door is closed. Master key systems allow people to enter specific areas, while other people can enter ALL areas.

    Is it worth investing in high security locks?

    Yes, if you have any valuable property inside your commercial building, it’s worth investing in high security locks. If you want to bolster and increase your security, we recommend adding high quality deadbolts to all doors. You should also investigate the lock brand you’re using to look for brand new superior security features like the Smart Key system offered by Kwikset or the Anti Picking system offered by Schlage. Other security measures that we recommend implementing is the installation of motion sensors and CCTV security systems that work as both active monitoring and passive deterrents for potential criminals.

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