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  • Winter in Chicago 2014

    Posted on November 20th, 2014 0 Comments

    Chicago is a city that has a million activities going on during the winter season. From shopping to movies and shows, there is always something new to see. Here are some of the exciting things to do in Chicago this year.


    Millennium Park Ice Skating

    Ice Skating is a winter activity that is fun for the entire family. No matter how cold it gets, bundling up and enjoying some hot cocoa before gliding across an outdoor skating rink is very enjoyable. If the cold weather is too much to handle, there are plenty of indoor skating rinks in Chicago as well. A well known winter tradition here in Chicago is Ice Skating at Millennium Park. There is nothing more delightful than skating with a breathtaking vista of the skyline of downtown Chicago. Entry to the rink is free, and skate rental is only ten dollars. The rink is open to the public for skating from November 14th until March 8th.


    Zoolights at the Lincoln Park Zoo

    Zoolights is a great family event that people of all ages can enjoy. This annual winter tradition turns the Lincoln Park Zoo into a winter wonderland of lights and festivities. The animals even stick around to join in the fun. The first thousand people through the gates each night will receive special glasses, through which the spectacular light displays can be viewed. Everyone else can enjoy the lights with normal vision, as well as other activities like ice carving demonstrations. The zoo’s ice skating rink will be open for attendees to enjoy, and there will be lots of hot cocoa to go around. Zoolights will be open from November 28th until January 4th at the Lincoln Park Zoo for anyone living or visiting Chicago to appreciate.


    Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

    The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is a family tradition for anyone that lives near Chicago. November 22nd will kick off the holiday season with some of the best shopping in the country. The pioneer court will feature live music and plenty of delicious food to go around. Lights Festival Lane will hold an interactive wonderland for children of all ages to enjoy. There will be a tree lighting parade along Michigan Avenue that will be lead by our cherished friends Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. As the night comes to a close, the grand finale will be a fireworks spectacular over the Chicago River.


    Macy’s Great Tree Lighting

    An unforgettable event to savor is the lighting of the 45 foot tall tree in Macy’s Walnut Room. This will be the 107th year for this event to take place, and Ryan Seacrest will be doing the honors. New this year, the lights will display a color theme change four times an hour. With over 6,000 lights and 3,000 ornaments, it is sure to be incredible. The lighting ceremony will take place November 8th, and American Idol winner Lee DeWyze will be there to delight the attendees with music.

    Chicago is a wonderful place, especially in the winter months. There are so many things to see and do that one will never have a chance to do everything. Some of the must see activities being held in Chicago this season are listed here, but do not let that be the limit of your Chicago experience.

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  • Unfreezing Car Lock

    Posted on January 6th, 2014 0 Comments

    Chicagoland weather has the bravado to freeze hell over. At some time, you’ll wake up inches from an alarm clock that didn’t sound, you’ll skip breakfast, lace one boot, forget your wallet and hobble out the door. All of a sudden you see an ice-mobile. You’re panicky. You want to reach for the chainsaw, or the pickax. But this may do little more for your cause if you discover that your locks are frozen. What do you do? Have these solutions in your head the next time your auto locks freeze up.  Here are some tips from Chicago Locksmith to unfreezing car lock:


    Frozen locks can be unfrozen and by heat. If so inclined, boil your key in water, or place it in a toaster oven. If there is a BPA issue- say you’re key is incased in plastic- just hold the key tip in a pot of boiling water. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCOLD YOURSELF. Dry the key before inserting it into its frozen housing. Use a towel to grip the key, or an oven mitt if needed. This may seem crazy, the squirrels and neighbors will probably take notice, but keep at it, it does work.


    It’s likely that the grocery store or the bodega on the corner carries lock deicer. If there’s weather for it, there’s a market for it. It’s not a bad idea to keep a few cans on hand for the winter months. Applying the deicer is simple: poke the straw into the nozzle, insert the straw into the applicable lock and give it a good drink. Attempt to use your key, if the key doesn’t work, wait a minute, reapply the deicer and try again. This may take a few minutes, but you’ll be glad you didn’t wait for the sun to open its eyes and deice the locks for you. 
    Mean, Mean Vaseline
    The chemical compounds in vaseline are able to melt ice. Dip the key in Vaseline and insert it into the lock. Wiggle the key in the lock, but try not to force it. If that key breaks you’re not getting anywhere. Be patient. Wait until the ice has sufficiently melted and the key gives rather easily to motion. If the first application doesn’t work, attempt these steps two or three times and give the process up to five minutes before the key performs its intended use and the locks deice. 

    Electric Lock Deicer 

    There are a bunch of mediocre to poor electric deicers on the market. Most of them are in the form of little key chains that appear very simple and efficient. That’s usually not the case; they’re most often terribly made and can’t get hotter than lukewarm ham. But, if you get lucky and find an electric lock deicer that has a few positive reviews, give it a shot. We’re not enthused by the heated toothpicks that they are, but they supposedly try to help your cause. Beware of these products and good luck. 

    Magnet trick

    Some claim that putting a magnet over the lock prevents water from letting itself into the lock. Magnets that will fit the size of the lock can be found at any hardware store. Give it a try. 
    By now you and your key might have shared some new experiences together: Did you boil or toast its shiny figure? Did you coat it in Vaseline? Whatever the event, these tips should have worked or prepared you for the next time your vehicle becomes an ice-mobile and your locks need to be unfrozen. 
    Need a Professionals Help from a Locksmith call Chicago Locksmiths 312.878.2715
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  • What Do You Know About You Car Keys?

    Posted on June 11th, 2013 0 Comments

    The locks of your car are just as important as the ones in your home.  And just like there are different keys for your home, there are different ones for your car.

    Mechanical Key

    Mechanical keys are the traditional form of car keys.  They look remarkably similar to regular house keys with notches and cuts.  These are the easiest to replicate if lost.  While this type of key is slowly losing popularity, some domestic trucks still use mechanical keys.  Chevrolet, GM, and Ford are among some of the companies.

    Laser-Cut Keys

    Also known as “sidewinder” or “internal cut”, laser-cut keys are among the more advance automobile keys.  They have blunt edges and identical cuts on the flat sides.  Because of this, the key can be inserted into the ignition both ways.  These keys require special equipment for production making it harder to replicate.  The lock itself is also harder to pick because of the unique shape of the key.  While laser-cut keys used to be expensive, its growing popularity has allowed companies such as Honda and Kia to offer the option along with luxury vehicles like Mercedes.

    Transponder Keys

    Most cars nowadays have transponder keys.  What makes a transponder key is not the cut of the key, but rather the computer chip inside the key handle.  The key itself can be mechanical-cut or laser-cut.  If you have a transponder lock, neither will work without the transponder key because the vehicle is immobilized.  The chip sends a signal to unlock the immobilizer which allows the driver to start the engine.  These keys provide additional security because each transponder is programmed to respond to a specific car.  Reproducing the transmission, while not impossible, is difficult.

    Smart Keys

    Smart keys are, in a way, like universal remotes for the car.  The fob has a laser-cut key built into it that doesn’t need to be used.  Instead, everything is started by remote.  A press of a button on the key fob will unlock the doors and the trunk.  Instead on the usual ignition, cars with smart keys usually have a push button ignition that activates when the key is close by.  Just press it to start the car.  Some companies have gone so far as to allowing individual settings programmed into the key.  Unlock the car with a smart key and the car will automatically adjust steering wheel position, mirror settings, seat positions, etc., to personal preferences.

    Valet Keys

    Usually given with the regular keys, valet keys are car keys that have been slightly altered.  When using valet keys, the user can only unlock the doors and start the ignition.  They are not able to access the glove box or the trunk.  As the name suggests, it is convenient when handing over your keys to a valet or a stranger.

    Chicago Locksmith

    If you’re ever locked out of your car in Chicago, give Chicago locksmith a call.  We have both the technology and skills to deal with all the keys previously mentioned.  We can replicate mechanical keys on site and duplicate laser-cut keys as well.  If you have any problems with your transponder key, we know how to deal with the programming.  We can even re-key your car locks and replace your ignition.  All of our locksmiths are trained and certified so don’t stress.  We can deal with any issues you may have with your car locks

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