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  • How to hide Home Security Cameras

    Posted on March 18th, 2019 0 Comments

    Many people don’t understand how vitally important it is to not only have security cameras installed at their home, but also to ensure that these cameras are placed around their property with strategic precision. One of the most important aspects of security camera placement is the concealment of security cameras; this helps increase both security levels and also peace of mind in knowing that your property is better protected. Here’s a guide to the strategic placement of home security cameras, as written by the home security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.


    Careful Placement of Cameras

    Make sure to place cameras in areas and according to criteria like:

    • Living rooms and kitchens - aka, common rooms of the house.
    • With adequate lighting that will allow for the image to be clearly visible.
    • In areas without obstruction that allow wide angles and wide security coverage to be captured.


    Smartly placed security cameras can allow homeowners to quickly identify and respond to issues including - but (unfortunately) not limited to:

    • Burglaries
    • Babysitter Neglect
    • Visitors stealing from the home
    • Wanderers entering the home
    • Carbon Monoxide Incidents
    • Fires
    • Mistreatment by nurses or home healthcare providers
    • And more...


    Cameras in Normal Home Items

    Security cameras can also be placed into areas where they blend into the items that are normally in place at the home. Cameras are much less likely to be found by criminals and tampered with when they are hidden within, or obscured by typical items like:

    • Fake plants - simply put the camera in a flowerpot and use the leaves to conceal it.
    • Curtain hanger rods - put small cameras at a high level where they are less likely to be seen.
    • Stuffed animals - Stuffed animal security cameras are commonly available at security or spy stores, and they can be strategically placed for optimal surveillance that won’t be suspected.
    • Tissue boxes - small cameras placed inside a tissue box can easily monitor activity through a small hole cut into the side.


    Security cameras can also be hidden in areas or items including:

    • Clocks
    • Vases
    • Medicine Cabinets
    • Bookshelves
    • Entertainment Libraries
    • Photo Frames
    • Door Borders
    • Fridgetops
    • Exterior doors

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