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  • Why to Never Try to Break Into Your Own Car

    Posted on February 27th, 2019 0 Comments

    When people get locked outside of their vehicles, it can be extremely tempting to attempt to break in by themselves; people usually do so out of a lack of desire to contact, or pay for the services of a licensed automotive locksmith. However, there’s many strong reasons people should never attempt to break into their own vehicles, ranging from the aesthetic to the practical and dire. Here’s a guide to the reasons you should never attempt to break into your own car, as prepared by the expert automotive lockout service technicians here at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Personal Injury Risk

    Most amateur car opening attempts utilize crowbars or screwdriver, both tools that can hurt individuals when their hands easily slip. This risk of personal injury makes it even HARDER to get back into your car, and may even require a hospital visit. While prying your car door open may seem easy, it really isn’t, can you run the risk of hurting yourself in the process.

    Car Damage

    It’s highly likely that you may break your car’s door lock, it’s window mechanism, or possibly even the window. It’s also possible that your amateur car opening attempt will scratch of the paint, or potentially dent it’s body paneling - both being damages that will require costly repaired. In order to avoid having to pay for these potential repairs, save money, time, and a headache by contacting a licensed automotive lockout service.

    Legal Implications

    It’s possible that a member of the police might assume that you’re a thief trying to break into a car. It’s likely that your registration information is inside your glove compartment rather than in your wallet, so if this occurs, it can be very difficult to prove that you’re the owner of the vehicle, especially since you’re likely agitated by being locked outside of your car in the first place.

    Making yourself a Crime Target

    While you are focusing on trying to get into your car, you may be distracted from criminals who see you as a target. Since you’re out in the open, unprotected, with diffuse attention, you are running the risk of being robbed - and it’s even possible that a thief may decide to simply break your car window and steal the car themself!

    It’s Just Not Easy

    It’s really difficult for an amateur individual to open up their cars - much harder than it used to be, in the days a simple coat hanger could suffice. Most cars made today are built with high quality anti theft construction that makes it difficult for you to do exactly what you’re trying to do, so it really does save yourself an immense amount of time to decide to contact a licensed automotive lockout expert rather than potentially wasting hours of your valuable time by attempting to break into your car yourself.

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