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  • How to Implement Hands Free Entry in this Era of COVID-19

    Posted on May 3rd, 2020 0 Comments

    In this era of COVID-19, many home and business owners are looking for ways to increase the safety around their own property, helping themselves, their family/staff/ and/or visitors to help avoid spreading germs. In this blog post, the door hardware installation experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail some fantastic ways you can implement hands free entry at your property!

    Automated Doors

    Not only are automated doors handicap accessible, but they help prevent people from having to touch doors in order to open them. Automated doors allow for efficient traffic flow and touch-free entrances. This is ideal for busy environments like stores or offices - where many people would otherwise have to touch the door, or precious A/C cooled air would flow out if the door is left open. Automated doors are a fantastic option for hands free entrances.

    Electric Strikes

    Electric strikes are ideal for hands free security- they’re basically the metal plates on a door that blocks or allows it to be opened when unlocked with a key. Electric strikes allow the door to be remotely unlocked - they’re available in either fail-safe or fail secure iterations. Fail secure locks will keep doors locked in the event of a power failure, while fail-safe electric strikes will unlock the doors. If your property has emergency exit options, fail-secure locks are the best choice.

    Key-Free Entrances

    Keyless entry technology like key fob locking systems or smart locks that use Bluetooth or WiFi are a great way to open doors without touching them. Key fobs simply require a token to be scanned, and they are much more hygienic and secure due to their inability to be easily copied by a layperson. Key fobs can be easily replaced and reprogrammed - and require much less touching than keypad based systems. Key cares are another great option, and Bluetooth or WiFi based keyless locks can be unlocked through your smartphone for ultimate convenience!

    Foot and Arm Pulls

    Arm and foot pulls allow people to open doors with no need to touch door knobs or handles - it’s a simple and effective way to create hands free entrance options without spending money on more expensive technology. Push plates are another great option, as they can be opened with an elbow or your hip!

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