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  • How Locksmiths can Help with Key Fob Replacement

    Posted on April 23rd, 2020 0 Comments

    Transponder / key fob based car keys are somewhat temperamental pieces of equipment, but are totally crucial for the operation of cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles today in 2020. When key fob/ transponder keys have issues, it can be deeply frustrating for drivers - not to mention dangerous! In this blog post, the expert automotive locksmith team here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail some of the ways that locksmiths can provide important assistance through key fob replacement services.

    Automotive Locksmith Key Fob Replacement

    Automotive locksmiths can easily handle all the necessary steps of key fob replacements. They can provide you a brand new physical key fob, fully program it, and provide any other assistance you need. It’s recommended to receive key fob replacement service from a locksmith rather than from an automotive dealership - they can provide all the same services, with the additional advantages of the experience of an automotive security expert, and will always work harder to ensure your satisfaction.

    Benefits of Locksmith Key Fob Replacement

    Professional locksmiths understand how to work with all sorts of keys, including electronic keys, transponder keys, and car keys. They can program and REPROGRAM them, delete codes for existing lost or broken keys from your car’s computer, and even duplicate car keys so that you can have spares on hands. One fantastic benefit of receiving automotive service or transponder key replacement service from a locksmith rather than an automotive dealership is that our technicians come directly to your location, arriving in a swift and efficient manner. 


    When to Receive Key Fob Replacement

    Key fobs should be replaced - obviously when the keys are lost - but also in situations involving reduced key fob signal strength, worn down key fob batteries, inconsistent working operation of your key fob, or other key fob issues. A common issue is when you have to push the button on your key fob multiple times in order to unlock the car. If you’re not noticing the car’s locks clicking (or the car’s lights light up) when you lock or unlock it with the key fob, it’s likely its battery or signal is wearing down and needs to be replaced. Any issues with your key fob should be handled by a licensed automotive locksmith ASAP in order to prevent the risk of being stranded outside of a suddenly inoperable vehicle.

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