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  • Pet Security

    Posted on November 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    Security doesn’t always apply to objects in your home. Pet security is a major aspect of home safety that all pet owners need to consider. A key aspect of pet security is keeping your pets inside the house, rather than the keeping-the-outside-outside concerns about burglar proofing security. Here’s a guide to the essentials of pet security, as prepared by the security experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Pet Carriers

    Get a special pet carrier or kennel depending on the size of your pet. You should get your enclosure based on your pet’s unique size and needs. You need to train your pet to stay inside the carrier well in advance of transporting in inside it; it needs to get used to being comfortable inside it. The earlier that you allow your pet to acclimate to its habitat, the more security it will feel being inside it. For an in-home option, consider a lockable pet habitat that has a gate to keep the pet inside with custom features like sand, toys, newspaper, heating, or anything your pet might need or enjoy.


    Depending on what type of pet you have, it may be more likely or able to escape. Fences need to be filled in enough so that pets can’t squeeze through, as well as high enough to ensure that they won’t jump over. You’d be surprised at how high some pets can jump! Fences need to be lined with stoned at the bottom to ensure that pets also don’t dig under it. Fences are ideally not see through, in order to prevent the pets from being spotted by anyone who may want to steal them, as well to prevent them from being tempted by another pet walking by to escape.


    If you’re taking your pets on a walk, they need to be on a leash. It's Important to use a leash made of fabric rather than metal, as they are less likely to hurt your pet. It’s rarely a good idea to tie your pets leash to a fixed object, as surprisingly there really are people out there who want to steal pets for themselves.


    Collars provide the security in knowing that your pet will be able to be identified in the event of it getting lost or separated for you. Attach your phone number or address on your pet’s collar, and ensure all the information is up to date.

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