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  • Student Security Risks

    Posted on November 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    There’s tons of security risks associated with attending / living at college. College students are often majorly distracted by the combination of schoolwork and social stimulation, and often assume that security is taken care of by the safety infrastructure of their school itself. However, this is not the case, and it behooves every college and university student to read the following article about student security risks, as prepared by the security and safety experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Not Paying Attention to Self Defense

    Many college students don’t pay very much attention to the dangers associated with living alone at a school or in a new city. We can start with this baseline fact that means that students are not giving much thought of the actions they can take for their own self protection, meaning that they are inherently more vulnerable.

    Technology Distractions

    Many college students - like many young people today - are incredibly distracted by their own smartphones, from apps like Instagram to Facebook. Since many students are spending their time immersed with crowds of strangers, their being distracted by technology makes them much more vulnerable to crime and danger than other demographic groups that are either looking at the world around them, or not constantly surrounded in an environment of strangers.


    Drinking is a massive issue for college aged students, with binge drinking posing physical risks as well as security risks. Since many college students are young, with limited drinking experience and understanding of their limits, they often get mentally and physically impaired when drinking to the level of letting their guard drop to ridiculous levels. Many college students fall victim to various types of crime, whether theft or physical abuse, when they are in a state of intoxication - not to mention the increased likelihood of a drunk person to lose their keys and get locked outside of their home or dormitory in the middle of the night.

    Not Locking Doors

    Many colleges try to foster a sense of coziness and trust within dormitories, in order to make students feel more at home and to make the transition to moving to school more smooth and easy. However, this mindset, while cozy, is also associated with the security risks of leaving doors unlocked either through general trust, or a simple lack of thought. There’s tons of thieves, students or strangers, that prowl dormitory hallways, checking for unlocked doors in attempts to steal valuable equipment, technology, or petty cash from student’s dorm rooms - and it’s essential for college students to be aware of that danger.

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