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  • Safe Fun Facts

    Posted on October 31st, 2018 0 Comments

    Safes are items that almost every layman is familiar with, however very few people actually understand the in’s and out’s of how they actually operate. These delicate, intricate, and (hopefully) durable pieces of equipment have many variable factors that affect their successful operation. Here’s a guide to some essential facts about safe operation, as prepared by the safe experts at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Safes aren’t Impenetrable

    Just like locks, all safes aren’t technically impenetrable. The best aspect of security comes about when a strong safe is protected through layered security, including factors like discreet positioning, and locks on exterior doors as well. Of course, a higher quality safe carries a much stronger level of protection than others.

    Safe Cost Usually Equals Higher Quality

    The more you invest in your safe, the more protection it’s going to offer your valuables. The majority of safes have stronger doors than bodies, and with cheaper safes, a weak quality equals a weak door. We highly recommend investing in the highest quality safe that matches your budget, as it’s going to not only lead to stronger security, but better peace of mind.

    Safes Should Never Be Discussed

    One little known aspect of safe security is the fact that people shouldn’t openly discuss their safe in public. This can potentially alert people to the fact you’re storing valuables at your property - much less the exact location or model of your safe. You never know who’s listening.

    Safes Should Be Hidden and Inaccessible

    The best position for a safe is in a hard to find and somewhat inaccessible area. A huge influence on any safe burglary is, of course, a burglars ability to find and access the safe in the first place. A great location for safes is inside a floor or inside a wall. This allows for easily hiding it behind a panel or false wall or floor. Wall safes are in general a bit more secure than floor safes. Of course, if you’re going to want to regularly deposit or remove your belongings from the safe, it behooves you to hide it in a location that’s inaccessible to strangers, but doesn’t require tons of time or effort for YOU YOURSELF to access (if you want to regularly access your safe, don’t hide it behind a wall that needs to be destroyed in order to access it.)

    Creative Positioning

    When determining a location for your safe, creativity is always a good choice. A great way to figure out a good safe location is to think about what areas of your house you usually skip over when cleaning due to the fact that people are unlikely to notice or see it. This is a perfect area for your safe, as a potential burglar is unlikely to discover your safe positioned there.

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