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  • Stuck Car Locks

    Posted on March 28th, 2020 0 Comments

    Being locked outside of your car is incredibly frustrating - not to mention dangerous. This is often a much worse situation when you’re not home, on the road, or on a big rush to get somewhere. Here’s a guide to the causes of automotive lockouts as prepared by the experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Broken Connections

    The connections inside the car’s lock may have been broken. This is indicated by being stuck in the lock condition - which in many cases is actually a worse situation than the lock not being able to close! Mechanics like the door’s handle, post, and cylinder all work together - as they are meant to, due to child proofing. When these connections are broken, it’s imperative that they are fixed ASAP.


    Rust Damage

    Rust damage is likely to occur when there’s been many rainy days, and rust and dirt can quickly jam locks. This will prevent you from opening the door no matter if you use a key fob or not. Rust can cause physical keys to get stuck, or snap while you are applying pressure to work the car. Inspect the keyway using a flashlight for rust.


    Physical Damage Associated with Accidents

    Perhaps a driver banged your car, or you accidentally scraped a wall while making a turn. This can cause the breaking of car door locks. Latches can be hurt during car accidents - though in this situation, it’s more likely you’d have the car inspected for damage after. After any accident, bang, or noticed scrape, we recommend assessing the working condition of all of your car’s features.


    If you’re noticing that your car door locks are stuck, contact the automotive locksmith experts here at Chicago Locksmith ASAP. Our team of professional, fully experienced technicians will be deployed directly to your location in a swift and efficient manner, providing you custom solutions to your car lock issue.

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