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  • Keeping Restaurants Secure

    Posted on April 21st, 2020 0 Comments

    Restaurants, like all businesses, have unique security concerns that need to be paid close attention to. All people involved in the operation of restaurants, from the management to the regular staff, need to understand how to protect restaurants from potential crimes. In this blog entry, the commercial locksmith experts here at Chicago Locksmiths will detail some of the ways you can keep your restaurant space safe and secure.

    Keeping an Eye on Cash

    Make sure to always protect cash. Registers should only be counted in a secure room with a security camera, lock, an dcamera. The best type of security will allow only managerial staff to enter these rooms.


    Cash should ONLY and ALWAYS be stored in commercial grade safes with a full set of security / fireproofing protections. We recommend putting your cash in the bank as often as possible, so as little cash as possible is ever kept inside the restaurant.


    Internal Security

    Internal employee theft is a risk at restaurants, like all businesses. Make sure employees don’t close or switch restaurants by themselves. Place security cameras in areas where cash is kept or where cash registers can be brought, in order to make it clear to employees that there’s a ton of security measures in place.


    Internal theft can also occur electronically. For example, credit card scanners are often used to steal credit card information. This can usually only be prevented by paying close attention to hires, ensuring that employees are trustworthy, and creating a list of specific measures to make sure credit cards can only be scanned in certain ways.


    Restaurant Security Analysis

    We recommend hiring a professional locksmith team, like those here at Chicago Locksmith, who can easily analyze your commercial security infrastructure. Then, you can have your current security devices analyzed, all potential access points of your property analyzed, and even your current security protocol analyzed. This can help you assess any potential weak spots; and our team of fully licensed and trained commercial security professionals can then recommend a custom tailored security infrastructure that will allow you to rest easy in the knowledge that your property is truly being protected.

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