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  • Transponder Car Key Myths

    Posted on February 27th, 2019 0 Comments

    Transponder keys, despite their extreme ubiquity among the automobile driving public, and their mainstream issuing with all modern cars, remain some of the most misunderstood pieces of everyday technology out there. There’s a range of myths and misunderstandings surrounding these common automotive lock and security tools; here’s a guide to some of these common transponder key myths, as prepared by the automotive locksmith experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.

    Only Manufacturers can Program Transponder Keys

    OMany people think that they can only get their transponder keys programmed by the manufacturer of the car. Of course the automobile manufacturer have the ability to program these keys - but a licensed, reputable automotive locksmith can as well - and usually for a cheaper rate. People always pay a much higher amount when they go to car dealerships or automotive manufacturers for transponder key programming than when they go to a licensed locksmith.

    You only receive one transponder key per vehicle

    Transponder key programming makes it so each key only works for one vehicle. However, the reverse is not true - you can have multiple keys programmed that can all work on the same vehicle. There’s usually a limit of how many programming codes can exist for each vehicle, however this is not a limit of 1 - so you can easily have multiple transponder keys programmed for a single car.

    Transponder keys can be conveniently disabled

    People believe that car thieves have technology that allows them to easily disable transponder keys, but this is simply a myth. Transponder keys can only be disabled through special equipment and software that only automotive locksmiths or car dealerships have in their hands. It’s highly unlikely that a car thief would have these tools on hand - especially since they are incredibly expensive, outweighing the potential benefits that would make it worth it to a criminal to purchase these tools.

    Working transponder keys can be easily purchased online

    I mean, yes, you can purchase transponder keys online, however these keys usually are not high quality, an f often break after a couple weeks or months, forcing you to purchase a brand new key. If you’re doing online transponder key shopping, ensure that you are buying them from a high quality and reputable supplier. We recommend, instead, working with a licensed automotive locksmith to guarantee yourself a high quality transponder key replacement. Transponder keys can help make your vehicle more secure, however they will require technical programming that’s somewhat complicated - so it’s best to leave this programming in the hands of truly knowledge and talented technicians, like the automotive locksmiths here at Chicago Locksmiths.

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